Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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pyro helecopter hat!
Collection by: КАБАААААААН!
colour: random. effect:roaring. PYRO HAT.
Collection by: [EK.s] Dr_F41L
The Spined Salooneer
Collection by: wobblepoppa
This is my first attempt at making a new weapon set for the Engineer. I feel that since he is from Texas he deserves to have a good old fashion revolver to replace his pistol. I thought why not add spikes to it? Also for the wrench I decided that a pipe w...
The Troll's Strange Parts Workshop
Collection by: r0uge
This is my collection of strange part items for TF2. Please take a moment to see them and rate!
The Hoovy Bear!
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
The Tributes
Collection by: Zoidtrip
The Tributes. A big update and idea for you Valve i give you here in my collection some ideas for a big update i call: The Tributes.
rehab tf2 coll..
Collection by: Rehab
Donuts Awesome laboratoy
Collection by: Donut the stampede
tf2 items fo u
My Favorites
Collection by: PermaT4RD
All my favorite items.
Kaz's Sign Of Relief
Collection by: INFIDEL19D
This is Kaz's biggest sign of relief when it comes to killing
Collection by: ZeClawkinz
the Hunter
Collection by: Dr. Iridium
it has items that are made for hunting and all that.
Collection by: Saricose
The Best Collection Ever
Collection by: Headphonesguy
Minecraft skins and weapons
Collection by: SoldierOfChrist116
All you need to know is................................... IT HAS AWSOME STUFF!!!!!!! :D
HAHA, Let's Do This
Collection by: LordLuneth
I'm just gonna make some stuff that i think would be cool for the game.
Collection by: четкий пацан((0 (ua)
Collezione battlefield heroes
Collection by: Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad
watcher style
Collection by: Dexter Grif
this watch allows u to use items and not be uncloacked
this is battelfield
Collection by: AfricaMedioRientale
a tnt for demoman this is launched
Collection by: Beer(HUN)
Fireworks effect i mean will be favourite.
Collection by: Filgus
В этой коллекции созданы вещи которые очень любят но не представляют как классно они будут выглядить в игре ТФ2.В коллекции будут представл...
MIster medic
Collection by: Browy
All medic items i believe should be in the game
Xtreme Steroid
Collection by: Vippeeeh
Cool Winter Stuff
Collection by: RoboticScout25
This Is For All Of The Stuff That People Make For A Winter Update.
Collection by: 1stGREENCOW™
Your Cash
Collection by: dannyboy1507
In Mann VS Machine you Start Of With 400 But With This Item It Give's You More!
horseless headless horsemann jr.
Collection by: ={G.T.S.}=Creepis11
horseless headless horsemann jr. weapons 1.headtaker damage headtaker: 2,000
the new demoknight set!
Collection by: Sea-shroom
all these weapons or a new demoknight
Collection by: [MEOW]&CATMITTINZ =^-^=
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