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Well Nice sniper Guns and Stuff ......MATE!!!!
Collection by emilthehunter
Well this are guns and stuff that i found in The work shop for The great SNIPER ....Hell yea... If you wanna have a Kill Job For Tf2 and get for it free items than Join The T.P.C. and read the ruels
Assult Pack
Collection by Mr Siegfried
Kill your enemy with style. The enemy will run in fear as you move across the field with weapons that will blow them to pices.
The Yeti Set-i
Collection by Mr.Gibbly
The Full yeti set, The head needs love too :D enjoy
Russian Sniper 1
Collection by FauxHawk15
The Sniper Rifle resembles the KSVK 12.7 mm The knife is a Double Bladed Butterfly knife the pistol is a Desert Eagle
Australian Shepherd
Collection by Pogo
Have a plan to herd every sheep you meet
Collection by vlad13579111315
Этот пистолет настоящего преступного мафиози! Урон- + 25% Темп боя- - 5% Перезарядка дольше на 1сек Предаёт своему владельцу + 5% к скорости пер...
the best collection for spy !
Collection by [FR] FLUXX royal-king*** [FR]
La montre, le couteau et une épée de demoman rien de mieux !!
Циркулярная бита
Collection by Maxxxon
Циркулряная пила для подрывника Damage +51% Шанс вызвать Кровотечение +15% Speed -10%
skeleton scout v2
Collection by Onii chang
power skeleton scout invecible scout mad scout and bad sccout fly no scout power
Collection by GasMask
Space Engineer
Collection by mrrdalg
the best space engie possible... Hopefully.
Cool Halloween Items 2014
Collection by |S.M.C.A.G| Socite
All the 2014 Halloween items I think look cool.
La coleccion del año
Collection by WOOPWOOP IsTheSoundOf BenjaPar
Engineer Favorites
Collection by ü b e r ☆ m a n
Just some of my favorite Engineer items I have spotted on the TF2 Steam Workshop.
Samurai collection
Collection by Zer0 the Assassin
The Heavy
Collection by ✪ Alrego ♛
I find and rate all the new heavy weps,hats,misc that i can find
Collection by DzNBlAcK
Scout Favorites
Collection by ♡Mikasa♡
These are my favorites Scout TF2 items that should be on TF2
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