Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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The Grenadeir
Collection by: Phoenix
the heat seking launcher
Collection by: Buddybell
nothing yet
Ap0ss0m's spy colection
Collection by: ☭ℳℜ.Ș̂m̯̏o͚͝o̤̽c͇̄h̗̉ÿ͇́☭
I will be adding some spy items
Collection by: =[DSG]= DeadEye o.O
Collection by: Taowel
Hats. All about hats. I love hats man.
team attaque
Collection by: Black-Damask
Rolfsen Pack
Collection by: lukeinator3000
Turtle related BS
Collection by: Mail Man™
Perfect for killing foes,and eating noodles
Collection by: Friz Critter
Collection by: Pumbou
the buzzatron 3000
Collection by: Negi' FuzZy
Therefore, a laser weapon that heals and kills people in court party, it is attributed to the doctor and the soldier, for maximum precision, it has a small viewfinder. I hope you will like it. change your color, I'd assume that the soldier couleure blue, ...
The texas crowbar
Collection by: gmang214
this is a item for the engi it is used for melee and u could crush the enemys with this type of wep.
Collection by: Nikita (RUS) kornilov
power kick
Collection by: KFC
it has a hose and a filter to carry the water it has unlimited ammo but long time to recharge the water. the filter is orange and the hose is black it makes jet like nosies. it can push back enemy away from you . it has 100% penatly damage , adds 25 + hea...
Revenge of the Jardinator
Collection by: Sharp Eye Snipe
Collection by: AlphaKennyJuan
carpentry spy
WorkForce 360
Collection by: General Schwarzkopf(Daft Punk)
It can destroy anything.
XR71 Shoulder Cannons
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
Just 2 cannons on your shoulder c:
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