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tf2 cloths and hats
Collection by [BG] Shadow Hunter
only tf2 items
Corn's Magical Collection Of Workshop Items
Collection by Mr. Corn
Stuff? Yes.
The Daily BONK! News
Collection by Sir Rovert of Cheesefridge™
The picture shows what my idea is
Le dieu
Collection by ๖ۣۜLudø4223
Le dieu du feu ! ! !
Le super Luffy vs Nastu
Collection by ๖ۣۜLudø4223
Super luffy au chapeau de paille
Ikuto Tsukiyomi
Collection by Shadow
Love this adorble guy for once in your life cause some people already know I do.
Mini Cat
Collection by S312000
Mini Cat-Маленькие Котики
det der
Collection by »LøGs | Last 24th
la klock
Collection by Dαѕнᵒᶠᶠᶤˢʰᶤᵃˡ
la façon de tiré et ke pistolet comment il est
Epic Collection of Epic Items (Pyro)
Collection by Miker the Epic
Epic Items that should be in the game (my opinion if you agree or disagree say so!)
Collection by PoopyBrown
it is aweome
sly hats
Collection by Nacco
The Executioner's Collection
Collection by Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A
these are the items i like and creations that i hope to see in team fortress 2
The Boilermaker's Bonnet
Collection by Jeff the Pooper Scooper
Be the more steampunk gentleman out there.
Умелый наездник
Collection by Ерохин
Шляпа клуба наездников ,развернутся особо негде но возьми игру под свой контроль
Tomb Raider Items by Ryu-Gi and FiveEyes
Collection by Ryu-Gi
A collection of items created for the TF2 Tomb Raider Contest. Rather then do a generic set of sunglasses and short shorts, I decided to make a set of items that fans of the Tomb Raider series would recognize. I'm once again proud to collaborate wit...
Collection by RED
aswome thing
you will see
Cool Stuff
Collection by ihatelocust12
Just my favorite weapons for TF2
Monocular Oculus
Collection by Dylancyclone
The two styles of Monocular Oculus
Mason1676 workshop items
Collection by [EquS] TheFlaminghero
this is for all the classes that have some good hats, misc, and weaopns for each character
weps of gods
Collection by spiderman6767
awesome super awesome
Vanilla style with chocolate
Collection by A trained chimpanzee
When it comes to the artstyle and setting of Team Fortress 2, I am very conservative. I find the stylized 60s theme of vanilla TF2 unique and appealing, and I wish Valve hadn't abandoned it as haphazardly as they did. I'm not against the idea of adding ne...
Items that I think should be added to the game
Collection by ★id6016★
Squarted Quad-gun
Collection by shr3D
It has the shape of a square and has more ammo and damage than the normal minigun.
cinco de mayhem
Collection by lucarioaaron
por la patria
Gatling Gun
Collection by P-13 | evarno
Yes, I know the art is terrible, i thought i might put the idea out there, for people with better art skills than me these are the main ideas for the weapon: Takes 2 seconds to get to full rpm (rounds per minute) -10% damage Enemys damaged by it loo...
Collection by Anti/Kreativ/ ( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
the MilkModel collection
Collection by Corporal 🔧 Nanny
this collection is a group of MilkShape models. they are all designed for TF2.
Collection by Zeno
Now without those regular see through glasses, he now looks more deadly and more cool with the SHADEYZ!
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