Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Custom Unusual Effects
Collection by: JCapps (SSB Wii U Hype!)
All unusual effects that I have made!
Hafling Hunter's Attire
Collection by: Spookzy
Heavy is greatest orc of all time! Bow before Heavy!
The Berlin Warrior
Collection by: ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
A classic World War 2 German Combat Medic attire for your history-driven Medic.
The Valiant Valkyrie
Collection by: Voxel Sigma
A mighty entity descends from the heavens to pass judgement on us all.
The Pyretheon Visitor
Collection by: Blood-Curdling Psyke
"The chances of anything coming from Mars are a million to one," he said. [NOTE: this cosmetic set was concepted and created prior to announcement of the current official ingame xenomorph set, we've chosen to still upload it as an alternate head desig...
The Shadow Sleeper
Collection by: Blood-Curdling Psyke
When he's pushing in the pin You'll be feeling grim.
TF2 Invasion
Collection by: The Ronin
They came and took our hats. It's time to strike back! With even more hats!
Halloween Harvest 2014
Collection by: RetroMike
Some scary and adorably spooky items for you to enjoy this Halloween!
Mecha Mann
Collection by: GetSpooked
Sometimes you must fight fire with fire.
Supernova Scout
Collection by: Jukebox
The Biohazard Warning
Collection by: Jukebox
Sniper "Kangaroo" Mundy
Collection by: Ghoulteh . ͜ . ѼѼѼ
Dell in a Shell
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
A collection of items for Halloween 2014, based around the idea of the 'Turtle Engie'
Bolshevik Bozo
Collection by: Br▲ins
What's the matter kiddo, you're not afraid of clowns are ya?
The Minsk Beast
Collection by: Tuna Melt
Solving Labyrinth's only takes a minotaur two.
Exosphere Engineer
Collection by: Svdl
High above and beyond.
ETF2L 2014 medals
Collection by: maniac™
ETF2L 2014 medals
The Straw-Stuffed Stitch-up
Collection by: Evil_Slayer_Knevil
Scarecrow set for Pyro
The Middleage Mutant Engie Turtle
Collection by: Br▲ins
Engie Turtling... to the EXTREME!
Problem's Halloween Haunts
Collection by: Problem
Problem's set of TF2 Workshop Halloween Items for Halloween 2013
The Demoman and the Sea
Collection by: MultiT-R.I.P.💃
Aye! It doesn't matter if ye be afraid of water or even if ye get seasick watchin' it on TV! Every landlubber will think ye be in the navy when ye don this nautical costume!
My Friend's Workshop Scares!!!
Collection by: ѼQuestionablyInsaneѼ
This is a collection of my favorite Halloween items my friends on the workshop have made. Be warned: These items are not for the weak of heart or the those with a full bladder!
A Handsome Devil
Collection by: >>--The Hauntsman--->
He'll be seeing you.
A Child's Plaything
Collection by: BOO!msta
You. Are. A. TOY!
Attractive Hats for Attractive People by Doctor Slow
Collection by: DrSlowking
Reaching Hat-Planet has always been the life long goal of every attractive person, so I ask you: why not go? Leave this life. Leave these meaningless halls and find your way. Go my child, go to Hat-Planet.
The Flying Pets Set
Collection by: heinous
EVERY item in this collection is Gold Star Certified AND has wings flapping straight from the .zip file, no editing on Valve's behalf is required.
Adventurer's Stuff
Collection by: GetSpooked
Fancy outfit and a best friend - that is all what a real adventurer needs. And maybe some sword too. But this sword is imaginable, so no swords for you, silly pyro.
The Sideshow Scout Pack
Collection by: Icosahedron
"Come one, come all! See Yours Truly bash eveyone's skulls in!"
Rooftop Rebel
Collection by: Doctor DIE! BOO! EEK!
Scout is now a zombie and he jumps around screaming like a jackass
Gingerbread Collection
Collection by: Evil_Slayer_Knevil
Collecting all the tasty gingerbread classes. Let's taste the team!
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