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team 4 fortress
Collection by: FuziLeiRoO ★[BTU]★
team 4 fortress
The GraveDigger
Collection by: DatGmann
Part of the Halloween 2013 community "update"
The Masket Man
Collection by: ★Kimitsu Neminaatori★
Collection by: Twinq[5BO]
Collection by: rave
Collection by: Honeybadger doesn´t give a fuck
kloboky a šaty
Collection by: hobo joe the second
Collection by: [GP] Fwuffy
The Ghost Hunter's Arsenal
Collection by: Problemagic
A pair of goggles and a ghost-holding packpack fit for ghost hunting.
Collection by: tomcat
TF2 Collections
Collection by: Chuckowski
Oh, this isn't an interesting collection at all... Kinda just made it on a whim
The Kewl Kollection
Collection by: The Enigmatic Brony
THIS KOLLECTION IF FOR THINGS I THINK ARE KEWL (if u dont agree, welll too bad)
Collection by: SHOCKTROOP3R 97
awesome tf2 collection
bla, bla
Collection by: Sir Richi
The Former Pocket Medic
Collection by: ZombiePlasticClock
Since the TF2 Importer wouldn't let me upload the Heavy and Soldier variants of this item in one submission, here's a collection with both in it, to make things slightly more convinient.
Adam's TF@ collection
Collection by: Ninja eggroll
TF2 Shtuff
Collection by: DovahKoolaid
TF2 Pyro
Collection by: RC_cat
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