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TF2 items that look cool as shit :o
Collection by: 彡Kuden Yakunan彡
These are items i would highly recommend valve adding to TF2.
Team Fortress
Collection by: The Seasoned Veteran
zackskaters stuff
Collection by: ZackSkater™.exe
Shanky's Swanky Sniper (Alleterations!)
Collection by: Dead Shanky(DestinyHasCosumedme)
Mods/Addons i use
Collection by: TheMoistedBushman
i will different modes for different games
Collection by: tylerthefennec
Collection by: Roasty Dy Toasty
Neoxz's Sniper.
Collection by: [T.OF.G] Neoxz
TF 2
Collection by: -'Fabian,.
I got blood on my smoking
Robot Jocky
Collection by: Zombie Cat
Erlaubt es den träger auf ein gebautes gebeude zu sitzen und es zu steuern
My collections
Collection by: LightMaster-Kizaru
cool pyro stuff
Collection by: leroypi
this is stuff for the pyro. Is there anything bad about that?
heavy stuff
Collection by: Weenus McGurk
a collection of heavy stuff
Collection by: Dr. Claw's Dump N' Pump
balls of steel
Collection by: Stag
im all outta gum.
Teamy Fortress things of the spiffy variety
Collection by: Nightroad
A compilation of some nifty things!
Collection by: ★thefarmersmarket★
i leik carrots
Scout Baby
Collection by: Magical Scooty Fairy Girl Booty
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