Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Golden Equalizer
Collection by: Dαѕнᵒᶠᶠᶤˢʰᶤᵃˡ
quand il tue les advairsaire il se son transforme en or
Collection by: French Horizon
My Favorite Scout Workshops
Sins CERTIFIED Items of Choise
Collection by: (On Vacation) Sїᾔṧ
This collection is weapons and cosmetics that are important for the battlefield. Unfortuantly, there not available to use, but if they were, they would make any rookie a pro. These items are certified by me and gets a good thumbs up!(Updated Frequently)
Collection by: funonacarousell
I have no fucking idea how to update this to TF2 lets find out xD you can just ignore this
Collection by: Zombie Cat
Belebt tote team kameraden wider Stelt 80% Leben des Teammitglied wieder her Beim Wiederbeleben ist wiederbeleber unferwundbar Kann nur sebare spieler wieder beleben Keine Überladung Braucht 1,5 sekunden zum wiederbeleben 80% das toter wiederbele...
Dragon's Ball
Collection by: Killer
-A blast of compressed air(Mouse2) replaced charging a ball of fire(holding down mouse2). The longer charging the stronger,l arger and consumes more ammunition. - -20% immunity from bullets - -15% immunity from rockets
Winter is coming
Collection by: JoHnY mAsTeR
Collection by: Marksman407
beast spy knife
Collection by: AloneWarrior
немного оружия в скучную атмосферу
Aperure tech. TF2 V.2
Collection by: DrunkenPhoenix199 + Bubblegum
Nearly all the things from Portal will be made just for TF2 preples for the scout and engineer. Some will be over powered incresing money. We will try and make every thing in Portal 1 and 2. Me, Kapted and other peeps who want to join will be making weps ...
Aperture Tech. TF2 V.2
Collection by: DrunkenPhoenix199 + Bubblegum
In Aperture Tech. We make items for the engineer and scout to make them nearly the most powerful class of all. We will be focusing on Portal 1 and 2 but will go onto extras. Me and the 2nd boss are still young so we would appreiciate if u like our creatio...
brutal sharpshooter
Collection by: kote.3
Collection by: BeanMonkey
Its Pooh Bear
Collection by: Dry|D_Iced007
the revolver re skined the revolver called the 'big kill'
Team Fortress 2 my collection
Collection by: Giouras13 [GR]
This is my collection ( TF2 Heavy )
Must be in the game
Collection by: TisTEvE [M6] (moving)
Collection by: xN811x
The Handy Yarder
Collection by: Look AT My Profile
Why Carry Such Heavy Metallic Sniper Rifles To The BattleField When You Can Carry A Lighter Wooden Sniper Rifle For War.
Collection by: Gariban Ergen
funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn hatttttttt
fire in ya bottle
Collection by: ajkebb
Fire in ya bottle • 10% slower • Visit pyroland • Catch on fire
Scout Future Helmet
Collection by: WobTheCornCob
My first model Created in Google Sketchup
Collection by: ℓє ℬread
It is thinner, which can unpaint painted items (hats and miscellaneous items). When previously any color paint then later you do not like this color then after that? Trade? Well, the only thing you have, just use thinner thus returns to its original col...
Collection by: Stan Marsh [.Warrior.]
+30 de ivisbl +20 de d'éga - 5 de rapiditer merci de faire j'aime et de tabonné merci :)
Collection by: [Two Bros] - Crazy Pancake
Lightsabre from Star Wars! RED team gets the red one and BLU team gets the blue one!
Marvelous Medic
Collection by: Dalton Spin
A collection of Items that I see are a must add for our favorite Medicinal Maniac... the Medic
Collection by: ᐰSGC/atlantisᐰ
Amazingly Awesome
Collection by: Button's Mum
its mine and itsamazingly awesome!!
Collection by: Kaboobi
I don't know what even
Collection by: NinjaHinja4427
Team Fortress 2
Collection by: DerTodLebt
Alles mögliche und unmögliche.
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