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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Test Collection
Collection by thestinkeye
TF 2
Collection by "Dim_ok:BG"
Collection by SymbioteSully97
filios collection
Collection by ThePuppetPL
my collection (Polska!!)
Collection by Derpy Pyro
TF2 Stuff
Collection by Overlord
AWSOME TF2 costume pieces
Collection by $NinjaTurtle$
These things i make or download are only things i REALLY like
Things of Nightmares
Collection by RapidRaccoon808
Things that will make scream fortress seem like baby fortress.
Things valve needs to add
Collection by Lycaon™
Demoman - Intruso (TF2)
Collection by Intruso
Barrel Blast
Collection by hso10
Heavy's superhero form
Collection by hso10
Spy's superhero form
Collection by hso10
Medic's superhero form
Collection by hso10
Solider's superhero form
battle gear
Collection by i am a ninjawizard
Uxuser's Awesome Collection Thing
Collection by UxuserTARS10503
A collection by uxuser... Nothing important!
Kokoelma 1
Collection by Musta Pekka
Collection by ◢◤Zanfent97◢◤
Collection by puggerz
flamethrowers and shot gun
Doctor Scrumpy's Approved Items
Collection by Scrumpy
These items deserve to go on TF2. I love these items, and I think they have a good chance of getting in... Rules: 1. The item must be original! 2. The item must not show signs of cropping with any other hat/misc. 3. Good detail is allowed (of course) ...
awesome tf2 stuff
Collection by KoPPliNg
the best of the best
The RK Kollection: Engineer
Collection by Portland Patriot
Collection by ShiroChii
Collection by hocuShiMa
Creepa's workshop likes
Collection by 👑Crike🎬 #(T.S.E.P leader)
I have chosen the items from the workshop that i tink myself is pretty interesting i will be adding a workshop item here every day so dont forget to vheck it out.thank you
Collection by Ledeniman
Collection by Velociraptor
The Future Of Weapons
Collection by PixlHero
Here is a collection of futuristic weapons in TF2.
rip off
Collection by {я.я}The Walking Dead
flamethrower with axe atached to it and the axe is useable on the flamethrower.
Collection by FG | The7thLlama
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