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The Sniper Pack
Collection by: Jezza54645
Snipers classic Beef
Collection by: CM Punk
Allerlei und keinerlei sachen für den Sniper
Collection by: ScoutOfChristmas
Some items you have to see!
Collection by: • La Buche de Noël •
This is a collection of items made by the greatest contributors of the workshop; some of these items aren't really notticed, like the teufort threads or the light combat vest, but you, who are reading this, can change that, and give them a chance to be a...
набор камуниста
Collection by: ☭KAMUNYAKA☭
это колекция вещей которая относится к вещам СССР
Collection by: -=SK-007=- erwin --V-- ©
Hi, new TF2 Map alles Dateien entpacken nach ../steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf enthaltene Dateien: - map - intro video - menu photo -----------------------...
TF2 Pyro
Collection by: Ghost
Unusual Bill's Hat
Collection by: ........()......()........
Unusual Bill's Hat
Gibbly's 2014 workshop
Collection by: ☃Mr.Gibbly☃
a collection of various workshop items I've contributed too
Scout's new weapon set
Collection by: Bolonesi
Erhem... Weapons. It is what the game is about. But the weapons are....... a bit odd... Therefore.. I MADE THIS!
the pyrotechniqe
Collection by: monkezjay
to get bigger site items
Collection by: ☾~=ФPP=~๖ۣۜДяloŋg
too ad one site items for have got three misc.items in the sometime
The Delivery Mann
Collection by: Satan
Soldier needed to pay his rent, so he took a part-time job as a Mailman. Of course, he needed a way to get around those pesky front lawn Bulldogs. So, rig an old mailbox with a rocket launcher, and BAM. Package delieved in seconds.
TF2 Good Workshop items that wasnt added ingame yet
Collection by: Festive Max’s Holidays
this is TF2 collection from workshop when I was looking in workshop I saw good thinks what should be added like haircut etc.... so hope you enjoy my collection I will adding here some good thinks for sure Feel free comment what you think about it and ...
El Traje Iron Man Ark 2 Con Propulsores y cohetes
Collection by: Onii chang
es un traje que solo podras volar con un tiempo de carga dura 20 minutos y despues se acaba pero es invurnerable a las metralletas de heavy y medic con una supercarga no lo destruira solo el destruidor seria el engineer o el soldier,scout,demoman,pyro,...
workshop collection 001
Collection by: Kori468
gold knife
Collection by: GZ
this weapon's speed is 20.0.when you backstabb somebody they turn to gold.this item is for spy.this weapon is level 98.
Team Fortress Collection
Collection by: Frankie Wilde
Fatal inflatables
Collection by: Fen
Have you been set on fire and you can't swim? Double-problem. Solve your element based worries with the Fatal Infltables set, garunteed to make you the talk of 2Fort.
Assult Pack
Collection by: Mr Siegfried
Kill your enemy with style. The enemy will run in fear as you move across the field with weapons that will blow them to pices.
The Yeti Set-i
Collection by: ☃Mr.Gibbly☃
The Full yeti set, The head needs love too :D enjoy
sniper stuff
Collection by: `Cp3,
sniper stuff
Dragon's Breath Archive
Collection by: Hydroplane
This collection was created to better sort out the two versions of the Dragon's Breath or the older version, Wyrm's Exhaust.
Russian Sniper 1
Collection by: FauxHawk15
The Sniper Rifle resembles the KSVK 12.7 mm The knife is a Double Bladed Butterfly knife the pistol is a Desert Eagle
Collection by: lucarioaaron
this is a collection for the scout
the best collection for spy !
Collection by: [FR] FLUXX royal-king*** [FR]
La montre, le couteau et une épée de demoman rien de mieux !!
Циркулярная бита
Collection by: Макс
Циркулряная пила для подрывника Damage +51% Шанс вызвать Кровотечение +15% Speed -10%
skeleton scout v2
Collection by: Onii chang
power skeleton scout invecible scout mad scout and bad sccout fly no scout power
Collection by: vlad13579111315
Этот пистолет настоящего преступного мафиози! Урон- + 25% Темп боя- - 5% Перезарядка дольше на 1сек Предаёт своему владельцу + 5% к скорости пер...
Time in the Snowlands
Collection by: Artemis
The Best (Or What I Think Is The Best) Winter incorporated items. I'll constantly be on the look out for other good items.
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