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Gibbly's 2014 workshop
Collection by: Mr.Gibbly
a collection of various workshop items I've contributed too
Scout's new weapon set
Collection by: Bolonesi
Erhem... Weapons. It is what the game is about. But the weapons are....... a bit odd... Therefore.. I MADE THIS!
the pyrotechniqe
Collection by: monkezjay
to get bigger site items
Collection by: ☾~=ФPP=~๖ۣۜДяloŋg
too ad one site items for have got three misc.items in the sometime
The Delivery Mann
Collection by: Not Enough Satan
Soldier needed to pay his rent, so he took a part-time job as a Mailman. Of course, he needed a way to get around those pesky front lawn Bulldogs. So, rig an old mailbox with a rocket launcher, and BAM. Package delieved in seconds.
TF2 Good Workshop items that wasnt added ingame yet
Collection by: MaxTheDawn
this is TF2 collection from workshop when I was looking in workshop I saw good thinks what should be added like haircut etc.... so hope you enjoy my collection I will adding here some good thinks for sure Feel free comment what you think about it and ...
gold knife
Collection by: GZ
this weapon's speed is 20.0.when you backstabb somebody they turn to gold.this item is for spy.this weapon is level 98.
workshop collection 001
Collection by: Kori468
Team Fortress Collection
Collection by: Frankie Wilde
Assult Pack
Collection by: Mr Siegfried
Kill your enemy with style. The enemy will run in fear as you move across the field with weapons that will blow them to pices.
The Yeti Set-i
Collection by: Mr.Gibbly
The Full yeti set, The head needs love too :D enjoy
sniper stuff
Collection by: `Cp3,
sniper stuff
Dragon's Breath Archive
Collection by: Hydroplane
This collection was created to better sort out the two versions of the Dragon's Breath or the older version, Wyrm's Exhaust.
Russian Sniper 1
Collection by: FauxHawk15
The Sniper Rifle resembles the KSVK 12.7 mm The knife is a Double Bladed Butterfly knife the pistol is a Desert Eagle
Collection by: lucarioaaron
this is a collection for the scout
the best collection for spy !
Collection by: [FR] FLUXX royal-king*** [FR]
La montre, le couteau et une épée de demoman rien de mieux !!
Циркулярная бита
Collection by: Макс
Циркулряная пила для подрывника Damage +51% Шанс вызвать Кровотечение +15% Speed -10%
skeleton scout v2
Collection by: Onii chang
power skeleton scout invecible scout mad scout and bad sccout fly no scout power
Collection by: vlad13579111315
Этот пистолет настоящего преступного мафиози! Урон- + 25% Темп боя- - 5% Перезарядка дольше на 1сек Предаёт своему владельцу + 5% к скорости пер...
The Heavy
Collection by: TheAlrego
I find and rate all the new heavy weps,hats,misc that i can find
Samurai collection
Collection by: Zer0 the Assassin
Time in the Snowlands
Collection by: Artemis
The Best (Or What I Think Is The Best) Winter incorporated items. I'll constantly be on the look out for other good items.
Christmas Items from around the Workshop :3
Collection by: Cactus 'Murica
For all your Xmas needs. If you would like to see any of these items in the game, please support the creators by liking, favouriting, commenting and sharing their work. - Thanks None of these are mine, all credit goes to the creators =D I like to c...
My collection
Collection by: Vin Sider
Collection by: Black915
Scout Favorites
Collection by: Piee~
These are my favorites Scout TF2 items that should be on TF2
The Brief Negotiator
Collection by: johnnykrajcovic
soldier equip
Collection by: [Battleon2]Erto Gamer
a soldier equip. a good collection ;)
The festive bundle!
Collection by: Browy @Sicklad
The festive items that i belive should be in tf2 at christmas time!
The Christmas crate.
Collection by: st.pattyy
This baby holds most stuff for christmas. even gifts and gift rapers. so buy this now bro NOW!
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