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Rudy's Replicas
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
A collection of Rudy's festive hat and misc combo.
Triple Agent
Collection by Svdl
Dress up warm for the cold war
The Cold-Hearted Arsonist
Collection by The Rare Aquatic Pyro
Introducing the NEW weapon set for the Cryogenator, The Cold-Hearted Arsonist! Oh don't be so cold. Its not like we're just trying to break the ice between us so that you'll buy our products. We just want to wish you a Merry Smissmas and tell you about th...
Airborne Arsonist
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
Pilot/plane themed set for the Pyro. Huge thanks to Hideous for the promo picture!
The Spy's Star Patrol
Collection by E-Arkham
A series of space-themed items for the Spy!
The Old Salt
Collection by maniac™
Hardened seaman's heavy set.
Zero-G Engineering
Collection by Wrench N Rockets
Three piece spacesuit for the Engineer. Includes helmet, suit, boots, and even a glove!
A Handsome Devil
Collection by >>--The Heartsman--->
He'll be seeing you.
The Professional Standard
Collection by Sexy Robot
A lot of loyalty for a hired gun.
Prognosis Positive
Collection by Jukebox
Set created for the GameBanana The $1,000 TF2 "Rain, Hail, or Shine" Skinning Contest. Jukebox: Models Metabolic: Textures Texman: Textures JPRAS: Normals and Promos Chaofanatic: Particles
Biohazardous Materials
Collection by Svdl
Zombies or zombie making ability probably not included. Infections or infection giving abilities probably not included.
The Hoodwink Collection
Collection by E1 Studio
This is a collection of Team Fortress 2 gear by E1 Studio which were inspired by the episodic PC Game "Hoodwink"
Petyan The Unbreakable
Collection by Populus
Squatting is lifestyle!
TF2: Team Fortress Classic Map Pack
Collection by <2F F> | PJX
This is the Team Fortress Classic 2 Team Fortress 2 Map Pack. It'll contain every standard map from TFC optimized and reworked for TF2. Stay Tuned! The Maps are a bit more TF2 optimized but will still give you this "classic" feeling while playing it. ...
Collection by Populus
dergon pyro
Dark Age of Demolition
Collection by Svdl
Who says a knight needs a sword and a shield?
The Space Trooper Set
Collection by Evil_Knevil
Helmet and body armour for Soldier. Concept by Square Model by Evil_Knevil Texture by NassimO
Downtown Sleuth
Collection by Sky
Leather Coat, Leather Pants and scarf + Soul Patch combo for spy.
Wasteland Warlord
Collection by Sky
New Teufort Wasteland Set 5. Shoes/Gloves are all class. 2 styles for the coat/pants item. Note: Not based on the Governor from the Walking Dead. Coat and gloves/boots are Inspired by Max's outfit from The Road Warrior, eyepatch inspired by the de...
The Stuffed Saboteur
Collection by Sparkwire º-º
Snitches get stitches... A literal last-minute Halloween set for the Spy, designed and developed by Void and Sparkwire. Special thanks to Trey for the facial flexes, and BANG! for the Source Filmmaker poster. Sweet dreams.
Aerial Arsonist
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
More pilot themed stuff for the Pyro!
Collection by youngdrozd
Two subjects for the soldier in the form of an effigy of an eagle.
Heavy Assault
Collection by Svdl
A serious man needs serious equipment.
The Mitigator
Collection by BANG!
"Been fighting em blue eyed metal cyclops, ya'll need some more explosives to fight these souless creatures! medival sword ain't gonna cut it lad."
Assault Amigo
Collection by Ernest
Do you want bullets with that taco, señor?
Serious Reconnaissance
Collection by Svdl
Scout is the most dedicated of all professionals.
Citizen Charlatan
Collection by Sky
18th-19th century formal wear set for the spy. UPDATE 12/09/2013: Melee weapon (The Stylish Stiletto) added. Secondary Weapon will be added later.
The Veteran
Collection by Svdl
"An inspirational quote" -Famous person
Collection by Colteh
When espionage fails, you need a backup plan.
Spy Noir
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
It's a set
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