Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: CreeperGamingSK
zo zadu budete strielat za MEDICA Stryngeganom
The Medics Resupply Locker
Collection by: Jack Slendyington
The medics in battle right now,so lets look at his resupply locker.
Collection by: 『EL PHENOMENO™』
Collection by: [HG] WILO FROST
Shotgunner will be mini crit when someone shot you.No pump action.
Collection by: 『EL PHENOMENO™』
ProtoType Mode
Collection by: Peter D.D.J
E então ?
Collection by: J.t-7o8
bla bla bla ...
Collection by: Wuzzla
kurz und knapp
Arco de caça 3
Collection by: Lopstar
UM arco que posibilita depois de 3 headshot atirar 3 flechas de uma vez!
Collection by: Raccono
rage gun fire
Collection by: DJ cool pool
well is shoots big bullits and it kills eney class in three shots and it has fire all over it its 50% fast and it looks like a sketon
Mayan Apocalypse 12/21/12 Update!
Collection by: CoBadger of Hundivar
It's the (undoubted) 12/21/12 Mayan Apocalypse Update! Let's take some time to stock up on canned goods, find bomb shelters, and remember (forget) all of our good times (and massive debts) before we all spontaneously combust and die! If you don't believ...
dannys weps
Collection by: ♠Ace♠
cool weapens
Collection by: Prinz
klein schnell stark cool
Collection by: TheEyesArtist
Danish Security Agency
Collection by: kill снайпер\!
The Demonharpune
Collection by: ThisIsPaaatrick
this is a harpune for the heavy
it is kill time
Collection by: DR.HAX LOL
The OverReacted 9000
Collection by: Mr. Sir
Beyond The Labs Of The Medic,This Weapon He Invented Will Hold A Speciel Power
The Scizzorz
Collection by: Niick
let me see what you guys think about this is spy weapon! Do you think is too OVERPOWERED? or just needs more positives Im a mac player and also new to create a weapon in workshop, i dont know how to edit the text in mac but this will do! Stats: +: it...
madness combat
Collection by: PeRcHiCk
madness combat !!!!
Collection by: Milky_bru
this is a level 20 pickaxe. 100% critical hits, if you hit a wall you will teleport through the wall, unless it is a blocked. If you right click with the pickaxe in your hands herobrine will appear out of the pick and burn everyone on the oposite team ...
bring it
Collection by: beanieboy0
bring it is going to be all about kick ass stuff, so bring it!
Collection by: Its_Ras_Trent
kool kool kooloio
Collection by: akopytov2000
носить осенью
All of my random creations
Collection by: Clairvoyant
Everything unrelated i have created ,goes here
Grilled Meat on a stick
Collection by: Recon
scout glass
Collection by: =[UBC]= [A] St.JOKER ︻デ═══☣☢
sorry dont have a pic for this but hope u all like it i got the name from the google glass and i desited to make the scout glass
Collection by: DarkB0B ban 2 dni
jest fajna chyba!?!
Collection by: jovenes.villano
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