Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Favourite TF2 Items
Collection by: Shifter55
Team Fortress 2 things
Collection by: KasimThePhotonTenjoAli
Some things
Pyro Stuff
Collection by: gonj183
Pyro Stuff
cool tf2 stuff
Collection by: KnightsofHale
cool stuff i find in the tf2 workshop
Collection by: FriendlyNeighborhoodSpaghettiMan
my weapons
Collection by: DiamondLink
my spy weapons in tf2
tf2 guns
Collection by: FallenHero
stuff i like
Collection by: [9]NineJa
hitman replaces spy
Collection by: [APG] diabloss
hitman replaces spy
Collection by: Doctor 98 (FIN)
kaiken leista TF2 kamaa
TF2 Gear
Collection by: eamdell
No idea lol
the extraterestrial
Collection by: Ferrarichamp14-Razgriz
only extange weapons for all class
Workshop Items
Collection by: Billy
The Vintage Sportsman Collection
Collection by: runglance
The vintage sports era, when men where men and women were semi literate. Take a stroll down memory lane and equip yourselves with some of the oldest in sporting technology.
collection toto
Collection by: ☩<BlackDoom>☩
ma collection
*NOT COLLECTION* Paintable soldier hat - The Brain Bucket - Idea - PAINTABLE!
Collection by: Youkai Renkinjustsushi
Collection by: lol2u
awzomze ztuuff
Tf2 stuffs
Collection by: Sniper Dude
My collection of Hats and weapons from team fortress 2.
Pain jr´s samling
Collection by: [SAINT] Pain jr.
my colect
Collection by: wendajin
Collection by: [MineGods]Minecraft_Pro
This is a collection of items from the steam workshop what i think should go throw!!
Dark Harvests Macabre Mansion!
Collection by: Burger King Ghidorah
this collection is for items that simply have an awesome, yet creepy or monstrous aspect to them. which is right up my alley! most of these items must be good. and they all have the same theme. so enjoy my collection of the cool, the creepy, and the MA...
Collection by: Distant Dubstep
stuff for my spy u may use if u want O3o
Favorite TF2 sTUFF
Collection by: Cpt. Hazama
Just tf2 stuff i thought was cool.
Collection by: ☢{DAT}M3L0N☢
Collection by: SeveRZ NinjaSpy!
im just a collector
Collection by: [HD] »LoThing™«
Collection by: Dr.Kazba
Collection by: micheal11099
Beast Items
Collection by: Powertrip
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