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Squarted Quad-gun
Collection by: emporia
It has the shape of a square and has more ammo and damage than the normal minigun.
cinco de mayhem
Collection by: lucarioaaron
por la patria
Gatling Gun
Collection by: P-13 | evarno
Yes, I know the art is terrible, i thought i might put the idea out there, for people with better art skills than me these are the main ideas for the weapon: Takes 2 seconds to get to full rpm (rounds per minute) -10% damage Enemys damaged by it loo...
Collection by: Anti/Kreativ/
the MilkModel collection
Collection by: Corporal Nanny
this collection is a group of MilkShape models. they are all designed for TF2.
Collection by: Zero
Now without those regular see through glasses, he now looks more deadly and more cool with the SHADEYZ!
Collection by: Shadow
Collection by:
Avaruuskulttuuri on jo täällä!
Bad Ass
Collection by: True Nerd
Revenge of the Jardinator
Collection by: Sharp Eye Snipe
Collection by: Wombat the king
carpentry spy
XR71 Shoulder Cannons
Collection by: (- USE DJ -)Buttplug
Just 2 cannons on your shoulder c:
Collection by: iMaxter
alien attack!
A Pyro Csávóóóóó xD :)
Collection by: BurningDead
A mumbling, besuited psychopath of indeterminate origin, the Pyro has a burning fondness for fire and all things fire-related. The pyro is followed by the common myth that it is female, but Valve has yet to confirm this. Wielding a home-made flamethrower,...
Collection by: Hardcore
The TNT Demolition Company
Collection by: Tesla
There's a new Company that know the kind of Weapons and Itens do you want, we care your necessity of kill your enemies most dangerous. Combat your friends with a new league of Weapons built and designed by me. Here's a place where the only limit is our im...
Cap Company
Collection by: Tesla
There's a company that care about with your necessity of have good hats and caps to kill everyone with style! We are creating some Caps to use in your compats, these caps will have specials and wonderful dimensions that will help you in the combat, how p...
Collection by: Monopoly
that's a ninja costume for the spy. the people love them
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