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Blistering Heat
Collection by Svdl
Why settle for just ordinary burns when you can cause both them AND chemical burns... at the exact same time!
American Pyro
Collection by DeRosaJ
He has to return some videotapes
Behind Enemy Lines
Collection by Svdl
The perfect place to get drunk and blow stuff up.
Problem's Halloween Haunts
Collection by Problemagic
Problem's set of TF2 Workshop Halloween Items for Halloween 2013
The Workout Plan
Collection by Wowza
Collection by She Said Destroy
Vote Pyro for Mayor
Collection by Svdl
He's such a gentleman.
The Country Conquerer Set
Collection by SedimentarySocks
You wanna run this @#$%? Step 1: Dress like me.
Urban Professional
Collection by Svdl
The sniper takes his murders to the city, and he makes sure no one can hear him.
The Cleansing Flame
Collection by Merczy
All ye plague-ridden fools be warned! A fell demon of the flame approacheth to set many a soul ablaze. And ye be next...
The Call of Captain Cthulhu
Collection by Dr. Shenanigans
a collection of villanous items for your nefarious deeds, based the man- er monster himself from his namesake mythos by HP lovecraft! a helmet in the shape of the cthlhu himself a massive cape the size of a couch that makes other capes weep in inadequ...
The Future Fashion
Collection by MultiTrip🎀
The future is here. He has arrived.
Bundle of Faun
Collection by DeRosaJ
Just a couple of faun-themed items for Halloween 2013-- hope they're rad!
Jukebox's Invasion Items
Collection by Jukebox
French Fashion
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
A La Mode, A La Mort.
Booty Warrior Taunt Collection
Collection by Snows
Introducing a new all-class taunt series: The Booty Warrior! Laugh at your foes as they die of embarrassment!
The Quick Draw Logistics
Collection by BANG!
Engineer Mini Dispenser + The Handy Partner PDA
Shortwave Sprinter
Collection by Hideous
Do your part for airwave pollution, and put on a few radios while you're out and about.
ZombiePlasticClock's Arms Race Submissions
Collection by ZombiePlasticClock
Arms Race is a contest where people make weapons for TF2. These are my submissions for the contest
Covert Cops
Collection by Colteh
Blood's coming in the air tonight.
The Cordial Citizen's Cultivated Costume
Collection by A trained chimpanzee
Three-piece Medic set done by me and also the socks were textured and made pretty and stuff by good item maker and all around cool guy Constructor. Go vote for the items or something I guess.
Serious Sam 3 BFE Promo Items
Collection by Batandy
All my fan made promos for the game Serious Sam 3.
TF2 Spaceworthy Extravaganza
Collection by E-Arkham
A collection of space-themed items for TF2. Holograms galore! Space alien abduction implied!
Pride of Cossack
Collection by NiVeR
Team Fortress 2 exist for a long time, during which Valve added a lot of items on various subjects, but nothing about the Cossacks :-(. So we decided to create something that can make the characters from the game like the Cossacks. We believe, you will li...
Collection by Populus
When your team needs support, but the old fashioned maniacal health care you provide just doesn't cut it quite like sorcery does.
The Gourmet Essentials
Collection by NeoDement + Harry~
stuff to go with the other stuff chef ingame :)
Collection by maniac™
This is two-item all class set: 1.Hat: 'Olympic Champion' 2.Melee: 'Olympic Torch' And yes, names are super original and unique :) collection's name.
Camptown Killer
Collection by Taco
Slasher set for Sniper.
The Melee Enthusiast
Collection by DrSlowking
Pull out one of your many axes 'cause its time to use something besides flamethrowers. The SFM renders were done by Dilly Dong (he changes his name alot don't worry about it), and the models where made by DrSlowking. I know a few really good knight ...
Xtreme Overload's TF2 Taunts
Collection by ☆[T.I.]☆ Xtreme Overload KK|GU
Here are all the taunts I have submitted to the TF2 workshop.
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