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Kollektion's name
Collection by: Pix LP
The handy map
Collection by: Mr. Mann
This is a misc item for soldier. This is the handy map, it tells you where all the players are at in the server for 30 seconds, it takes 2 mins until you can use it again.The red dots are the enemies, the green dots are your team and the black dot is y...
Collection by: Fendrych1997
Ideas and Models That Should Be In Team Fortress 2
Collection by: edgy 4chan memelord
These are not made by me.
Collection by: ۩͇̿H͇̿U͇̿N͇̿۩Matthew0220
Engineer items...:D király...
Winter Items Created By Megathrone
Collection by: Lowly
All the items that I have made for Christmas / Winter Season
jar'o acid
Collection by: natehw
when you throw the jar'o acid the person will burn to deatin 10 seconds unless they get to a health pack.(does not work in vs hale mode.
Collection by: Treat. Yo. Self
Sick and tired of your enemys not wanting to give up? Well now they will be beging for mercy, how you say? With this electric zapper and dynamite willing to shock any foe to the ground for good!
Collection by: iDangerous
meet the medic
Collection by: RastaHeartedGirl
ok its somkething
Gibbly's And Friends' Winter Palooza!
Collection by: Mr.Gibbly 💔 🔫
Enjoy this bundle of winter items which i slaved over like a souless mongrel!
Collection by: megadavid758
of item medieval
Collection by: Afterlyfe
items fodasticos
Collection by: /|K.v.K|\ShadowK|R.I.P SK
armas e miscs super fodas e impressionantes
Things i like so much
Collection by: dmv2001
I don,t whant you to look at my collection if you do go back trolls.
Monocular Oculus
Collection by: Dylancyclone
The two styles of Monocular Oculus
spy hat
Collection by: ★CT★Captain★Cat[TR]
böyle hat olsun
Sleek Weapons
Collection by: Shiny Scraggy (2nd Profile)
Sleek, shiny, eye-candyish, expensive-looking weapons collection.
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