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Collection by: valera7171
Collection by: d@rk$h@dow
Collection by: ROHO Redneck
It is a scout bat that has effect to one enemy. Finaly something that will take out a pyro. this weapon works as the sandman would but when the balloon hits a pyro his tourch is disabled temperary.
Carlo's Collection
Collection by: potato
A hockey helmet for scout.
alain's Basque cap (alain's Basque bouchon)
Collection by: Kaiser Wilhelm II
He could then disguise well... Its a nice little basque cap for the spy alain is an actor in french!!!
Collection by: Gooooooordan Fleeeman
Nerf Gun
Collection by: AwesomeCocolate
A nerf gun in TF2. Does litttle damage but slows enemies. The firing rate is a little below regular.
M 95
Collection by: †Nazi†Zombie†
dies und das
El atormentador
Collection by: ZayZ_iBuRnTzZ
Arma de coleccion para el scout
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