Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection 1#
Collection by: Wuzzla
cool & lessig
Collection by: awesomegamer247
sggshfb fgsfhnsg
Heavens Riot Control
Collection by: Allen Iverson
the name says all
The thing That goes...BOOM!
Collection by: [UnuChild] Sweet Victory
The thing that goes boom is a spiked grenade that makes an enemy bleed for 4 seconds when hit by it,and then of course it explodes.
the spitfire and ultamate heavy gun[under creation]
Collection by: no u
these two weapons i think really need to be added into the team fortress 2 world
Collection by: Darkninja2245
The backup karate
Collection by: The Best Of {Raihan2003|
The backup karate makes you crits and it will give your teamates mini crit AND GIVES YOU A FREE ITEM WHILE YOU HAVE THE CRITS
Engies Box 0, Tricks
Collection by: Pablo Sanches
Every child had dreams well these were different. As you know the engienner is his way of life Well he just made progress
Collection by: Dr Hismario123
it is minecraft
мои оружия
Collection by: Doktor
Collection by: MR.ASSASIN
My collection has a unique arts and crafts
Collection by: Dr Hismario123
it is from minecraft
the best stuff in the shop
Collection by: Dr Hismario123
it is cool
Collection by: silentRECON1190
Sniper primary weapon !
Collection by: Nukem Dukem
To make spies on killing.
Collection by: ace
The Good Stuff
Collection by: A Simple Endoskeleton
What I Think Should Be Added In
The Killing Melee
Collection by: mikep3
It basically overkills everyone in the game that is not on low health
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