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Full Metal Arsonist
Collection by: Deck Snowball-Lights
Concept - Omninerd Model, Texture, Bump, Rigging, Jiggles, Testing - Doctor Aibaleet Some Normals help - Dusty Showbiz
Snow Assassin
Collection by: JPRAS
Ice Master
Collection by: OverPowered
A set for those with a heart made of ice
the manta
Collection by: dr.fez
a new promo item for fry cry 4
Like Smissmas Morning
Collection by: SnowBalt
All I want for smissmas is virtual items.
2015 - New year, new cosmetics.
Collection by: • La Buche de Noël •
Just a collection of item that should be released in 2015. Valve, listen the community. TF2 is becoming a ''Money Generator 2007-2014''. I hope it's not too confusing by the way.
Magic Sheep Smismass Bunduru
Collection by: Ryan
The Civil Killer
Collection by: boomsta
Marxist Mercenary
Collection by: Carolteh ༼ つ ◕ʖ̯◕ ༽つ
nice items
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