Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Great Mediaval Items
Collection by: Cakelyn Chattoway
My melee and bows that would incorparate with the degroot keep theme
Game mode idea:King of the mountain
Collection by: Rocket Racoon
So baisicaly one day i was thinking of a gamemode and i thougt"Hey why not have a game mode called king of the mountain"and baisicaly it is a combanation of king of the hill,payload,arena and spiecal dieleverly(Aka doomsday) and the whole plot is that aus...
Collection by: Meitgs
Collection by: Продаю шмот из доты, пишите
CD Player
Collection by: DragonMageX
put CD Player in your pocket and earbud in your ear. and listen to music
Collection by: Raziel
Collection by: V!Rus
Super Silent Sniper
Collection by: ITGLangton
just clothes n stuff
Streetrubber's stripes
Collection by: Jalgas|Atyrau
Stripes, that showing rubber's skill of rubbering. The number of stripes shows it.
Collection by: BsCremers
wat ik graag wil hebben
Collection by: TF2CK | Magamind
que des armes de leftim 4 dead 1&2
Wybuchowy Schot
Collection by: [OFPC]Rakes
Więc dlaczego nazwałem to Wybuchowy Schot,ponieważ na końcu strzelby jest rozdarta broń i a dlaczego schot bo się zalicz do strzelb.
Арсинал Оружий
Collection by: evgeniyb99
Мой арсенал оружий Team Fortress 2
heavy metal gun
Collection by: El negro que tose
heavy metal gun + the spy crab
Cool stuff
Collection by: 50brut
Collection by: i am otter
Collection by: dedangel13
Favorited items for TF2 from the steam shop of works.
Collection by: Fin
Collection by: Ork
For heavy demo and scout only!! sry there guys its my first one so i wanna go basic only reson i picked this pic is because the class it goes with sry plz fav like and write!!! XD ...
Collection by: cyrus
I create some tf2 stuff that i hope will make it in tf2 (will prob not)
Collection by: MyMainDr.Mögg<3™ #HALO
hats and hats
Collection by: wolvenstien32
hats! :D
Shadow JP
Collection by: Logan
I want to ask is so poor. A beginner.
Collection by: vault boy
first collection
Collection by: Demize
This is my first collection so don't be mean to me about my stuff if you do not like it.
Collection by: dmc04041
Collection by: 3_
It has Lasers.
some stuff
Collection by: CAPTAIN WUMBO
Collection by: react
полная хероиня
Shanky's Demoman.
Collection by: Shanky Boi
Just the Items i wish were in the game for demo
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