Team Fortress 2
Have you got what it takes?
Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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Collection by: ROHO Redneck
It is a scout bat that has effect to one enemy. Finaly something that will take out a pyro. this weapon works as the sandman would but when the balloon hits a pyro his tourch is disabled temperary.
Carlo's Collection
Collection by: CaptainCreepyCrab
A hockey helmet for scout.
alain's Basque cap (alain's Basque bouchon)
Collection by: Kaiser Wilhelm II
He could then disguise well... Its a nice little basque cap for the spy alain is an actor in french!!!
Collection by: The Swag Bag Train Conductor
Nerf Gun
Collection by: AwesomeCocolate
A nerf gun in TF2. Does litttle damage but slows enemies. The firing rate is a little below regular.
M 95
Collection by: †Nazi†Zombie†
dies und das
El atormentador
Collection by: ZayZ_iBuRnTzZ
Arma de coleccion para el scout
Collection by: Treighnof
this collection is based on the valve game portal it is for the Soldier the melee weapon will teleport the Soldier behing the person being attacked . the Rocket launcher will teleport directly to what it is aimed at. the shot gun teleports the player bein...
Collection by: AwesomeCocolate
Collection by: natehw
The Golden Knife
Collection by: [BG] Ikari
The best weapon for a spy period. One hit One Kill. Dont doubt it ever. Dont get caught killing your victium he'll turn gold wile you run.
Batman collection
Collection by: ➳☢Ðr GrÉen☢☭™
tee shits PSG
Collection by: ☆By | Batzaro☆™
Maillot classe pour tous le monde
the good killer
Collection by: natehw
when you get behindthe guy you get a crit
Collection by: Soprano
super puper
the medik of bake
Collection by: KiLLer (RUS)
Collection by: Punk not dead
Collection by: everydayimshufflein22
sick face mask for anyone
The golden disco head
Collection by: Kakashi__Hatake
Its a disco ball on your head
the dagger of darkness
Collection by: Kakashi__Hatake
Its THE PROTOTYPE of a dagger
the flame sniper
Collection by: Kakashi__Hatake
its a sniper with laser sight and a flamethrower
Collection by: Abbadon the Despoiler
For every class there should be an UPGRADE, so ill make
Collection by: A professional with standards
Old Man Jenkin's cane
Collection by: Bill Clinton
The cane Jenkins used
A Dress
Collection by: Das Rafi_lux
the silly face
Collection by: Kadru
its a hat and you can put it on engineer,sniper,scout,spy and medic
CC's Collection
Collection by: CapitainCourageous
Urine Sunshine
Collection by: whale
There should be a good yellow paint
Collection by: ericcasper
Collection by: 47th_rifleman
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