Team Fortress 2
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Create and submit new items (such as hats, weapons, badges, boots, and more) for consideration to be incorporated into the actual game. Click here to learn more.
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The Captain
Collection by: boomsta
He can be a captain if he wants!
Dell "Justice" Conagher
Collection by: Colteh u ͜ u
The long-winded businessman that use brute force and negotiations to gain the intelligence!
The Sewer Mutant
Collection by: Vap
Concept & Idea by: Andrew Kovaslokov Modeling & Texturing by: Vap
Robo-Items from VLEK
Collection by: VLEKᴬʳᵗꜟˢᵗ
This collection includes items created VLEK for future robot updates such as the Boogaloo. This collection will be constantly updated with new items. Added my items I fixed.
Pyro Samurai
Collection by: Camp
It's Samurai kit for Pyro.... yep that's about it. Currently, the collection consists of: - a Helmet :: Kaji Kabuto - a Melee Weapon :: Kabutowari - a Backpack :: Pyro's Komodaru
The Devil went down to Teufort
Collection by: Svdl
He was looking for a back to stab.
Professor Bald
Collection by: NeoDement
Mad Scientist type stuff for Medic.
The Biological Warfare Set
Collection by: Miles Pyrower
3 peice set themed around plagues, pestilences, diseases and biological warfare in general.
Scout Sailor Pack
Collection by: Evil_Knevil
Scout Sailor Pack: - Primary: Shark-n-Awe (scattergun) - Secondary: Saxton's Spinach (consumable) - Melee: The Land Ahoy! (monocular) - Hat: Steamboat Willie (sailor hat) - Misc 1: The Anchorman (necklace) - Misc 2: the Buoy Wonder (life-saver)
Dictator Pack
Collection by: Evil_Knevil
Yes I used the Dictator movie as a reference, but NO it's not a tribute to the movie. The Soldier hit his head a few times too much. He woke up thinking he's a dictator. So he made this items to supress all those filthy maggots! Download the mod her...
The Renegade Racer Set
Collection by: DonutBear
A set of 4 items based around racing and the theme of the pyro as a derranged racer. set is a redux of my previous set woth the same name. If you like it be sure to rate the collection and items up!
The hot Australian
Collection by: Youngdrozd
1) The fiery bow 2) The Australian Hatchet 3) Leather hat
The Heavy Pyro
Collection by: Dondo
A heavy armor for the pyro.
The Straw-Stuffed Stitch-Up
Collection by: >>--The Heartsman--->
This collection is for the straw-stuffed mini set. A misc and hat that turn pyro into something only previously encountered in the darkest places of the mind.
The Stuttgart Strongman
Collection by: MultiTrip💃
Circus freaks don't have a medical licence either.
Winter Demo Collection
Collection by: Tuna Melt
Blow 'em to smithereens lad.
The Escape Artist
Collection by: Orko
Tonight only! Witness dapper rogue performing breathtaking escape acts in Theater!
A very Colteh Christmas, feat. friends!
Collection by: Colteh u ͜ u
Christmas Items made by Colteh, and maybe featuring others in collaboration!
Summer Stuff
Collection by: NeoDement
Some things for the summer times. A hat, some waterballoons, and a water pistol.
The Growth Spurt
Collection by: Sexy Robot
The Kendo Kid
Collection by: I need a less dorky username...
Kendo was supposed to be a safe and honorable sport. Now it's full of broken kneekaps.
The Bunker Buster Pack
Collection by: Dusty Showbiz
Are you ready! are you ready! to have all them maggots running for the hills when you unleash the firepower of these weapons on the enemies. Do sun-tsu proud in the ring of honour with the Bunker Buster pack , your guarenteed nothing will be left standing...
The Sauced Shadow-Man
Collection by: Psyke
Everythin' ya need to start a magic business up in New-Orleans!
Malice In Pyroland
Collection by: Populus ✿
Malice in Pyroland A halloween set based on the Alice in Wonderland book.
Summer-Time Fun-Bundle!
Collection by: Psyke
Feeling the heat? Grab this little summer-bundle and beat the heat at nearest watering hole!
The Emperor Augustus Engineer
Collection by: 💪 DAVE | FLEX 💪
An incredibly crafted set of iron and gold armor salvaged from ancient ruins.
Mobile Sentry Gun Pack
Collection by: Linko
Gotta move that gear up, it's time to having some fun! Bored to camp behinds your building alone and sometime harass with your shotgun? Bored to play with no spy check and teamplay? As engie, you want to stop defending point and intelligence all the time...
Khabarovsk Krai Commander
Collection by: ƬԊƐ ƉƲҚƐ
The Civil War Veteran
Collection by: Gadget
A civil war item set for the soldier consisting of a hat and a sabre as a melee weapon as well as a misc item. I'm also working on a uniform which is not finished, yet.
Peace, Love, and Giblets
Collection by: Hideous
Yell at your enemies in style. Slacker attitude and fondness for festivals not included. Created for the 2nd Modcomp:
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