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awesome tf2 stuff
Collection by SpicyBagel™
the best of the best
The RK Kollection: Engineer
Collection by Portland Patriot
AWSOME TF2 costume pieces
Collection by $NinjaTurtle$
These things i make or download are only things i REALLY like
Kmaa :D
Collection by D0UX ッ ™
heehee jeehee D:
Collection by Bruno mars
scout items
Collection by nlyager dk
Mah stuff!
Collection by [FG]Shadow Killer™
Interesting, isnt it
Collection by DeliriousCupcakeBagel7890
this is a random collection
Collection by [Pior]Minepirate
tf2 stuff
Spy assassin
Collection by luapbutter
make your spy an assassin from the creed itself
Collection by tj
Tf2 items that are reasonable AND have a chance
Collection by [FIW]Crazy Agile
This Collection is any item (in my opinion) fit under items with A chance to be added to tf2. items that have tf2-like textures, quality, seem like something that the class(es) might use. Also just have to be good in general. If your item isnt under this ...
Tf2 Cool Stuff
Collection by Dougann
Far East Additions
Collection by SQRL
There are a number of cosmetic items in TF2 that already showcase vintage Japanese clothing. This collection showcases items that could add to that existing theme.
The Seven Demorai/Soldierai/Whateverai
Collection by Reduxist (I don't have sound)
Mainly, I'm looking around for wandering Japanese/Chinese gear for others and my self to enjoy. If there are any feudal-era pieces for other classes, please, reccommend them to me!
cool stuff
Collection by [Mr.]NinjaGinger
cool stuff
Collection by Zer.Fleisch™
Waffen und soo...
tf2 stuff
Collection by Aaroness
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