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good as god
Collection by: gimmeSomeKillz
well good as god
Castle pack(Средне вековый пак)
Collection by: Pyr4os
Средневекой набор вещей для подрывника и для шпиона, содержит кольчужные перчатки подрывника и средневекой топор палача ( шпиона)(Spy)
Collection by: Mike...
The wake-field
Collection by: INF Blacknight
Bonjour aujourd'hui ici est maintenant je vous présente un nouveau sniper : "The wake field" sniper ressemblant a la sarbacane de sindney et le siper de bas + le mantis (essayer de faire un petit mélange ^^). Je proposent que se sniper soit un sn...
Eire Go Braugh (Ireland Forever)
Collection by: Mustang-Cell
Everything Irish I can find. :D
Fronteir Engineer
Collection by: CannedHam.png
First off I take no credit for any of the items in the picure. However, I would like all of them to be in a set called the fronteir engineer. Here are the items: -Texas Ten Gallon (mine is painted brown for the even more realistic cowboy look) -Prarie...
The Grenadeir
Collection by: Phoenix
the heat seking launcher
Collection by: Buddybell
nothing yet
Ap0ss0m's spy colection
Collection by: Поносик
I will be adding some spy items
Collection by: =[DSG]= DeadEye o.O
Collection by: Taowel
Hats. All about hats. I love hats man.
team attaque
Collection by: Black-Damask
Rolfsen Pack
Collection by: CrazyRedTurtle
Turtle related BS
Collection by: Mail Man♥Chipotle Is Lyfe'♥
Perfect for killing foes,and eating noodles
Collection by: Friz Critter
Collection by: Pumbou
the buzzatron 3000
Collection by: Flash
Therefore, a laser weapon that heals and kills people in court party, it is attributed to the doctor and the soldier, for maximum precision, it has a small viewfinder. I hope you will like it. change your color, I'd assume that the soldier couleure blue, ...
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