Serious Sam 3: BFE
Custom maps, mods, skins & campaigns
Discover and download custom maps, character skins, weapon modifications, skins, enemy modifications, campaign mods, and much more. Plus, click here to learn more about creating and sharing your own mods.
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Collection by: ░TworojoK░
Мой маппак из 5 карт.
Player Models for Serious Sam 3
Collection by: DUNCAN DONUTS
Custom player models
Collection by: SuicideGeek
LaserGun Colors Pack
Collection by: Spazmidt
Are you tired of the green, boring lasergun? Need more color? Then try out the LASERGUN COLORS PACK! This is (hopefully) the answer for making the green lasergun have more color, the pack contains 4 selections, but you can use only one at once: ...
TimeshiftR's SS3 Mods
Collection by: TimeshiftR
All the mods I use.
The Gensokyo Collection
Collection by: Koishi Komeiji
A collection of everything to make a fan of Serious Sam and Touhou VERY happy.
Mod of the Week!!
Collection by: Louva-Deus
The mod of the week collection! Every week our crew plays some cool stuff that will be featured in this collection. History: #1 - Flemoid Encounter by Sly7745 #2 - Extended (Solais) + Meth Lab (Louva-Deus)
Norris SS3 Collection
Collection by: MrChrisNorris
A Norris Collection
Mark5: SS3BFE Prehistory Campaign Collection
Collection by: AKMARK5000
This collection is just one convenient spot to "subscribe" to both campaign maps and individual weapon mods that work together and will posibly be used on my server. Basically, this campaign tries to covey what happened before Serious Sam 3. When yo...
Collection by: UraLex
mods sam
Collection by: [IF-III-Tech] urzu-7
Postal-esque mods for SS3
Collection by: KANEDAAA!!!!!
Mods to make SS3 feel more like Postal 2 :3 All I need is Postal Dude player model/quotes, some enemy replacements, some music, and the rest of the Postal 2/3 weapons and I'm all set. Excuse the crappy picture
donger pack 4 friends
Collection by: HONK CLUWNE
get out nurd
Serious Sam BFE
Collection by: Rabbit 2.0
Serious Sam BFE mods
Player Jump Sound Mod Collection
Collection by: Biomechanoid
This mod adds in jump sounds for player models. Note that this mod will not work on player models that use their own custom sound schemes.
Collection by: HYDRA
Greyson's Workshop
Collection by: evil_Horse
Greyson's Workshop is a collection of everything I have and will make for Serious Sam 3: BFE.
Serious Sam Legends
Collection by: Angel
Play as Solid Snake or Ezio!
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