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Random Beheaded Soldiers
Collection by: sanchemrdj
my collection bitches
Collection by: Brian Blessed
Fun MP Collection
Collection by: Electric-Stinger
F stands for Friends...
donger pack 4 friends
Collection by: ;:^()
get out nurd
Serious Bloody Legends!
Collection by: KittyCat | Assassin
This collection adds: New Campaigns, New Weapons (maybe) New Better Enemies Better Graphics Better Weapons and Enemies New Players and Monsters skins New Survival Maps Better BLOOOOODY AND GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Very Very Much More.
Evil Things
Collection by: Evil 128
спец говняш
Collection by: lopohondo23
The Biggie Boy BFE Bigaboo Battlenet
Collection by: Jetra
this collection contains unfatomable amounts of joy, pure pleasure is packed in , up the wazoo
Serious Touhou
Collection by: |ÅΩ| №350
A collection of awesome things made by awesome people whom we appreciate for making serious sam what it really is........Firs Person Danmaku. *The additional stuff is required to make the maps work.
420 BLAZE IT! DoRitos!
Collection by: KittyCat | Assassin
Massive Mod Collection
Collection by: BarryChuckle...
A compilation of mods from other users, None of these mods are mine and are in this collection so that people and friends can play together on these specially handpicked mods for co-op and solo play without any hassle... I do not in any way take any cr...
Pootis 2
Collection by: Dr.Xance|KF2!!!
addons de MoNeYcRaZy:serious sam 3 edition :)
Collection by: MoNeYcRaZy
Serious Sam 3
Collection by: ChumpkinLovinMuffin
My Cool Collection Of Mods For Serious Sam 3: BFE
Collection by: KrypTo 3000
My favorite mods for Serious Sam 3: BFE. Credits go to their respective owners
fucking serious playermodels
Collection by: Folstream
Serious Saturdays Modpack - BFE Enhanced v1.03 - March 2015
Collection by: SapSuck
A co-lel-ction of mods mashed together by some fucking idiots. The six included mods are REQUIRED. The Ultimate Resource Pack is REQUIRED for BFE: Enhanced to work. Folstream's Models Pack is optional, but if you don't download it, you won't see an...
Mark5: SS3BFE Call of Sam Collection
Collection by: AKMARK5000
This collection is just one convenient spot to "subscribe" to the mods that are required to run this "Total Coversion." This total conversion mod changes all enemies into Russian Terrorists, introduces regenerating health, introduces "super real bloody s...
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