Serious Sam 3: BFE
Custom maps, mods, skins & campaigns
Discover and download custom maps, character skins, weapon modifications, skins, enemy modifications, campaign mods, and much more. Plus, click here to learn more about creating and sharing your own mods.
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Seriously Pleasant Maps
Collection by: aHungryNegr0
A collection of maps that I enjoyed
Serious Sam 3 BFE
Collection by: [NeKo T.R.3.N.D][RUS][HAPBA]
My Collection (Serious Sam 3: BFE)
Collection by: Shionji Yuuko
Collection by: Dino
Sam Serious
Collection by: a1d@N2
Артефакты Seriuos Sam 3
Collection by: daniil.goglev98
В этой кол-ии хранятся большинство моих ценностей и полезных вещей!
Serious badass edition (no bs stuff)
Collection by: kesuga7
This was made in mind to give the game a better serious sam feel to it without the aggrivating hitscan while making werebulsl /kamakazi/rocketeers/minigun stats like the orignals and a badass khum theme i included a few extra options for skins (such as ...
Sirious Killbot
Collection by: UegKillbot
Collection Derp
Collection by: Zer0n888 [B@T]
Collection by: Jman4255
Christmas with my brother Bama4255 on Serious Sam 3!
Random Beheaded Soldiers
Collection by: sanchemrdj
Random Beheaded Soldiers
Collection by: sanchemrdj
Fun MP Collection
Collection by: Fizz | Yordle
F stands for Friends...
Sam's got the edge
Collection by: clarksonwayne65
Every thing is so serious
Evil Things
Collection by: Evil 128
my collection bitches
Collection by: xXx_ScrUbReCkeR420_xXx
Serious Bloody Legends!
Collection by: [AK]Pieseł
This collection adds: New Campaigns, New Weapons (maybe) New Better Enemies Better Graphics Better Weapons and Enemies New Players and Monsters skins New Survival Maps Better BLOOOOODY AND GORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And Very Very Much More.
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