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Tillie's SS3 model collection
Collection by Tillie
This pack contains player models & other stuff I have made for Serious Sam 3. It will continue to expand once I have more stuff completed so keep your eyes open for them!
Mentality's S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Weapon Pack
Collection by Urban_Human 王
Пак оружия из великой сурвайвл-хоррор серии игр S.T.A.L.K.E.R. для Serious Sam 3: BFE.
Rodriguez Encounter Beta 0.18
Collection by Дрожь_В_Сфинктере
Eng: group of the project This story is about events , which happened after several years before Serious Sam BFE. “Python-63” space station was trying to bring the “Titan” projec...
Serious Box Solid (Mod Collection)
Collection by Pan
All the pieces for Serious Box Solid allowing an easy click and play download option!
7Smoke Tennis - Requirements
Collection by Mauritsio
All that is needed in order to play the 7Smoke Map Tennis.
Good looking maps
Collection by Scratch~
Maps that look really good. Fancy some eye candy? Subscribe to this collection!
Collection A - Serious Sam 3: BFE
Collection by TG62•Bæstien ★
maps + skins + mods
The Gensokyo Collection
Collection by Koishi Komeiji
A collection of everything to make a fan of Serious Sam and Touhou VERY happy.
LaserGun Colors Pack
Collection by Vanya (bday is here)
Are you tired of the green, boring lasergun? Need more color? Then try out the LASERGUN COLORS PACK! This is (hopefully) the answer for making the green lasergun have more color, the pack contains 4 selections, but you can use only one at once: ...
Collection by ░The ApoSTal░
Мой маппак из 5 карт.
Fix Serious Sam 3
Collection by PSOCecil
Serious Sam 3 was a bit of a let down for me. So, here's a collection of mods that make the game more like the fantastic older games.
my mod list for sam 3
Collection by ↯↯Alice↯↯
have fun
Player Models for Serious Sam 3
Collection by DUNCAN DONUTS
Custom player models
Collection by Snow Pants
Seriously Festive Saturdays with /v/
Collection by Captain Goodnight
For the Seriously Festive Serious Sam 3 modded event
TimeshiftR's SS3 Mods
Collection by TimeshiftR
All the mods I use.
Thana's Mysterious&Horrific characters pack
Collection by Thanadrax
This collection will contain all my player models for SS3 Why it's called so? Because I wouldn't make any "normal" models. <.<
Curse word censor collection
Collection by Harry 2K15
This is the list of all the mods that censor parts of the audio or text of that include curse words Note: If you have multiple audio or text mods *enabled* the latest workshop subscription will be the one that plays (only one set will play at a time)...
Norris SS3 Collection
Collection by MrChrisNorris
A Norris Collection
Mark5: SS3BFE Prehistory Campaign Collection
Collection by AKMARK5000
This collection is just one convenient spot to "subscribe" to both campaign maps and individual weapon mods that work together and will posibly be used on my server. Basically, this campaign tries to covey what happened before Serious Sam 3. When yo...
Sam's got the edge
Collection by clarksonwayne65
Every thing is so serious
Collection by UraLex
Serious Sam 3 Extremo
Collection by Santy__LoKO
mods sam
Collection by [IF-VOX-Master] urzu-7
Postal-esque mods for SS3
Collection by Pearl Sanchez
Mods to make SS3 feel more like Postal 2 :3 All I need is Postal Dude player model/quotes, some enemy replacements, some music, and the rest of the Postal 2/3 weapons and I'm all set. Excuse the crappy picture
Mod of the Week!!
Collection by Louva-Deus
The mod of the week collection! Every week our crew plays some cool stuff that will be featured in this collection. History: #1 - Flemoid Encounter by Sly7745 #2 - Extended (Solais) + Meth Lab (Louva-Deus)
Serious Saturdays Modpack - BFE Enhanced v1.1 - May 2015
Collection by SapSuck
A co-lel-ction of mods mashed together by some fucking idiots. THE FOLLOWING MODS ARE REQUIRED: BFE Enhanced Ultimate Resource Pack - check the linked collections below AA12 Fully Automatic Shotgun Artificial's Weapon Enhancements Double Ammo for ...
Weapons for The Coup
Collection by ItsAName
Service Jones is a communist fruit. Weapon mods approved by members of the USROFSSSMNSSDAP, for use during modded events and probably other shit. All of these mods are cosmetic (no changes to weapon statistics, only sounds and visuals) and are entir...
TeEs Player Model Pack | SS3: BFE
Collection by TeEs
All of my favourite models in one package! Choose which ones you want! Don't search whole network anymore! Acess the best ones here!
Serious Sam 3 BFE
Collection by [NeKo T.R.3.N.D][RUS][HAPBA]
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