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Ultimate Resource Pack
Collection by Solais
Ultimate Resource Pack Mapper's resource pack for Serious Sam 3, by Solais, viper45, NHunter, Devostator, Batandy and many others of the Seriously! community. Attention! Many Survival maps will need this pack to work, so I suggest downloading it. A...
Classic Serious Sam Mods
Collection by Biomechanoid
Did you ever hated how reloading always slows down the gameplay in Serious Sam 3? Ever felt like the jumping height was too low and made platforming a pain in the ass? Missed those classic weapon sounds and enemies? Well, you have come to the right place....
Survival Megapack
Collection by Solais
Survival Megapack by Solais (and with a help of the Seriously! community) -Description- A huge pack of Survival maps, originally intended to fix the Survival map shortage of the game. Its contents changed countless time, delayed and put on hiatu...
Serious Fantasy: Legends (With all patches)
Collection by Pan
The full collection for SF:L Featuring all character packs and map packs from the original release up to Content Patch 6.
Survival Ultrapack
Collection by Solais
The Survival Ultrapack Noticing how some of the best Survival maps get almost no attention on the Workshop, just due to them being not on the very first page, I've decided to make this collection. This collection contains my Survival Megapack, the U...
Serious Fantasy Legends Mod
Collection by FunkyFinzy
Serious Fantasy Legends mod developed by Pan and Finzy, now on the Steam workshop! Subscribe to this collection to easily download all the required mod files! Serious Fantasy is a massive multiplayer mod pack, adding over 22 new versus maps, 69 player mod...
Interesting Stuff (Serious Sam 3)
Collection by Ar2R-devil-PiNKy
Interesting Stuff for Serious Sam 3: BFE by Devil Games
Noam2000's Player Model Pack
Collection by noam 2000
A Collection of all the player models i have released for Serious Sam 3:BFE
Duke Nukem Mods!
Collection by noam 2000
A SS3 Modpack for all you DNF fans!
Player Models Pack
Collection by noam 2000
a collection of all the player models for Serious Sam 3:BFE that are on the workshop.
The Christmas Pack
Collection by Solais
Merry Christmas, everyone! For this holiday, Toast and Solais is bringing you a special mod, just for the holidays! ---AND NOW, THIS PACK CONTAINS ALL THE CHRISTMAS CHEER RELEASED ON THIS WORKSHOP!--- With this mod installed, everything in the g...
Approaching Hell
Collection by NHunter
Custom campaign aiming to be a prequel to SS3:BFE << Sam was on the mission to destroy Mental's communication tower in one of the Egyptian cities, but his chopper was shot down. Thankfully, because he didn't wear his seat-belt, Sam survived the crash...
Serious Swagger 360 : The MLG Encounter
Collection by noam 2000
Both parts for the Serious Swagger 360 : The MLG Encounter mod.
Serious Box Solid Collection
Collection by FunkyFinzy
Get all the required parts for Serious Box Solid in this one easy to use collection. Additionally, if you want the campaign additions mod (optional), you can find it from here:
Counter-Strike: Source Weapon Loadout
Collection by Vanya
A collection made out of all the Counter-Strike: Source weapon replacements I have done, made so users can browse them quickly and easily. DO TAKE NOTE, Download all items button is disabled, in a future I will probably make more weapon replacements th...
Seriously DooMed
Collection by I'll Be Bach
SS3 - Unity Edition
Collection by Harbinger
This is for a mod that will be uploaded you'll need these resources to play
Serious Sam Horror Pack
Collection by Solais
Halloween is coming, and so this pack! You need something spooky for the night? Go no further, as in this pack you'll find every Serious Sam 3 map and/or mod created for that one purpose, when you want to feel a little scared. As in, before you blow them ...
Custom Guns for Serious Sam 3
Collection by DUNCAN DONUTS
Custom gun mods
Devostators stuff
Collection by ☢ Devo ★ stator ☯
The stuff I am doing for SS3
Serious Sam Christmas Collection
Collection by Roy O'Bannon
Here you will find all Christmas mood maps/mods available for Serious Sam BFE tho they are not much now,every new xmas content will be linked here
Marko's Map Pack
Collection by Marko J.
This is my collection of my Survival Maps for this year. This collection contains fun and interesting survival maps. Check them out If some of the maps dosent work, download the ultimate recources.
The Halo Collection
Collection by Pan
I may have only gotten into the Halo games recently, but I must say I enjoy the character appearances as well as the weapon models and sounds. So I decided to add a bit of that love to the Sam games just for the heck of it. This collection will pull toget...
The HUDS-pack collection
Collection by Vanya
Does your SS3 need more color? You need a bit more of wonderfulness in your screen? Look No More! Be ready to have even more color in your Serious Sam 3 with the HUDS PACK mod brought to you by Danker and Biomechanoid! This pack of 10 HUDS wil...
7Smoke BFE Survival Collection
Collection by Roy O'Bannon
Those are the survival maps that we use in our events we recommend you to have them if you are a member :approve:
Survival Maps Pack!
Collection by noam 2000
A Collection of all The Survival maps that are in the workshop. > Please Download The Ultimate Resource Pack too,as most survival maps wont work without it. you can find it below the maps.
Serious Sam 3 Menu Background Replacement Mod
Collection by Biomechanoid
This mod replaces the default background in the main menu. It also makes the pre-menu, loading screen and main menu colorful. There are 5 different backgrounds you can choose from below.
Prehistory of the Serious Sam
Collection by Neo_minigan
This is a small campaign from 4 maps. The story will tell us what what was before the main invasion of "Mental" and what Sam did to receive the status of "Serious" Sam. This mod was created with "CRAZY Serious Sam Mod". So, if you want to get true exp...
Serious Sam 3:The SS2 Encounter
Collection by noam 2000
A Collection of the two parts for the SS2 encounter
Tillie's SS3 model collection
Collection by Tillie
This pack contains player models & other stuff I have made for Serious Sam 3. It will continue to expand once I have more stuff completed so keep your eyes open for them!
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