Serious Sam 3: BFE
Custom maps, mods, skins & campaigns
Discover and download custom maps, character skins, weapon modifications, skins, enemy modifications, campaign mods, and much more. Plus, click here to learn more about creating and sharing your own mods.
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Mark5: SS3BFE Exception Beta Collection
Collection by: AKMARK5000
This is just an easy "subscibe" location for my server... Subscribe to everything within... there is a "Serious Sam 2 Sounds Resource Pack" to download also =>
Collection by: Mambo
Mark5: SS3BFE COOP Collection 2
Collection by: AKMARK5000
This Mark5: SS3BFE COOP Collection 2 is made up of individual Workshop Items (a.k.a. mods). and Mark5: SS3BFE COOP Collection 1. I put this collection together as a place to keep all the items (a.k.a. mods) and Mark5: SS3BFE COOP Collection 2 that work t... Serious Sam 3: BFE Collections Favorite Player Model Collection
Collection by: .:C7-Ldr:. CoZmicShReddeR
Just a Pack of the latest Recommended Player Models
Collection by: HYDRA
All my Mods
Collection by: PictoShark
Just a collection I set up for friends to make getting all my mods easier
Collection by: HYDRA
SS3 580
Collection by: Lachesis580
un annern sache
Collection by: Ceznek
Baner og mods
Collection by: mk1511
Its a collection of mods, and maps, me and my friends use. This is so my friends and i can have the same things.
Randomguy7's stuff
Collection by: Randomguy7
for me and my friends to easily get what i have
для сэма
Collection by: maestro__d
Serious Sam 3:BFE
Collection by: iramansfield
Collection by: Domino
Just a collection for my friends and I. So we are compatible and shit.
Solidfreeze Collection
Collection by: Solidfreeze
Models of all types
Serious Sam 3 - Lan PACK!
Collection by: inCarnate
Download and like it.
Arcann's ModPack SS3
Collection by: Neo Dhaos
Collection by: Moddy
SSAM 3Stuff
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