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The Forgotten City
Collection by: Solais
The Forgotten City -Description- My very first released project, long before the release of SS3 (and it's really showing, technically it's quite a mess, but plays well). Took 10 months to create, this mappack is a huge campaign of 5 levels, new ...
Serious Fantasy: Legends HD Edition
Collection by: Pan
The full collection of Serious Fantasy: Legends HD Edition
Serious Sam HD Player Models Pack
Collection by: noam 2000
a collection of all the player models made for SSHD in the workshop
Serious Sam HD Custom Survival Maps Collection
Collection by: Biomechanoid
A collection of all of the custom survival maps that are available in the workshop.
Tillie's SS HD model collection
Collection by: Tillie™
This pack contains player models I have made for Serious Sam HD. It will continue to expand once more characters have been completed so keep your eyes open for others to join in! Note: They will also get ported to Serious Sam 3 once they're finished.
Minecraft Swords Collection!
Collection by: Vanya
The swords from Minecraft, the tool to beat mobs, are now on Serious Sam! In the following collection you'll find the 5 swords from Minecraft available to replace that boring knife on Serious Sam HD! NOTE: You can only have ONE SWORD AT A TIME and t...
Editable Official Levels
Collection by: Solais
This pack contains the official campaign levels (and some versus levels) of Serious Sam HD in an editable format, for modding purposes. Supplied by Croteam, this pack exists as a sort of apology that the Edit Data (that was recently released for Serious S...
SSHD - Unity
Collection by: Harbinger
SSHD - Unity Egypt
WWE Superstars
Collection by: xCrippler
All the WWE Superstars i made/import for Serious Sam HD The Second Encounter in one great collection! Subscribe and have fun!
Ponified Showdowns of Seriousness
Collection by: SpyroGuy
No Serious Sam game can be Serious enough without horses. With that said, have some badass music replacement mods.
Super Seriously! Kart
Collection by: Pan
All the parts of Super Seriously! Kart needed in order to play. A mod that doesn't need to be uninstalled in order to enjoy the base game.
Serious Sam Advance: Sound Mod Bundle
Collection by: JuCstin
The most unnecessary mod of all time, Serious Sam Advance sounds ripped and put into Serious Sam HD: TSE! Download them individually, or try them all out for a trip to the "bit" world. If anybody's asking why on Earth would someone want to make someth...
Marko's Map Pack
Collection by: Marko J.
Serious Sam HD maps created by me.
HUD and Menu Color Mods
Collection by: Biomechanoid
Tired of the default blue HUD and menus you always see when you start up SSHD:TSE? Well, this place is for you. This is a collection of mods that change the color of the HUD, netricsa and main menus. Find one that suits you and if you like it, subscribe t...
7Smoke Serious Sam HD Events Collection
Collection by: Mauritsio
Here are the items we mostly use/play in our HD events and are recommended every group member to have. The player models are optional but to have optimal experience the more player models you have the better :P
Counter-Strike Maps for Serious Sam HD
Collection by: Marko J.
This is a collection of custom maps replicated from the Counter-Strike games and created in Serious Sam HD. This collection includes maps created by me and other people.
Loki D.S. Production (Serious Sam HD)
Collection by: Loki D.S.
Все что было созданно мною за всю историю Steam
Pirate items
Collection by: AlenL
List of items suspected to have been created by pirates playing other games using the free accounts. These will be banned once their contents are verified to be compromised. Branding image attribution:
Serious Saturdays with /v/
Collection by: Captain Goodnight
For the Serious Saturday event
Thana's Insanity
Collection by: Thanadrax
All needed.
Kanz's Kennel of Killing
Collection by: Kanzentai
Backup use
Serious Sam X-Box HD
Collection by: [United RP] Atlas Sarnosian
A collection of the Workshop mods I use to give Sam HD a really new refersh upon it being classic.
Collection by: К.П.Р.А.Л.......К.И.Р.Я
Serious Sam HD SE Multi
Collection by: Popon13
U WOT M8 ?
The Family Man
Collection by: Jimmy
Collection A - Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter
Collection by: TG62•Bæstien ★
Skins SSam
Collection by: FabioMDK
lambdist's crazy & oldschool collection
Collection by: lambdist
Collection of old school & crazy stuff that I had found/collected.
му ренис
Collection by: К.П.Р.А.Л.......К.И.Р.Я
Mr. Crowley's effing SERIOUS Collection!
Collection by: Crowley-Senpai
A collection of mods that I've conveniently packaged for my friends. Of course, other people are welcome to enjoy them as well. These are not my mods. Big props to the geniuses that actually put in the work to make them ;)
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