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My Favorite Effects
Collection by: EP45
This collection includes following effects :: Basic Vignette Bokeh DoF - doesn't work properly now, but uploader said he/she will fix it. If you really need this, just type pp_bokeh 1 in console. -- 2013.05.16 Fixed Explosion Effect More Po...
Metal Gaming DarkRP
Collection by: Chris
A pack for the New Metal Gaming DarkRP Server.
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Collection by: Dark Fox™
Skyrim models uploaded for workshop use. I didn't make these i just uploaded them.
Vanoss Pack
Collection by: RampageKill32
Every addon Vanoss has
TTT - CS:S Weapon Pack
Collection by: Epies
All of the CS:S weapons for TTT. How to install: 1 • Download GMAD Extrator: 2 • Browse to this addon and extract it (steamapps/common/GarrysMod/garrysmod/addons) 3 • Manually place the folders of the ad...
"Build/Chill/Kill" Server Addons and Mods
Collection by: [uG] A Player
This collection should contain most (if not all) of the addons currently being used on my sandbox Gmod Server ( entitled "Build/Chill/Kill" (Yeah, I know it's kinda dumb, but I didn't feel like being creative naming it). This...
Zeta Community Required SGRP pieces
Collection by: [ZC] +tw GorgeFodder
The collection of addons required for Zeta community SGRP (THE SERVER IS NOT YET LIVE) IMPORTANT NOTICE! YOU WILL NEED THIS BEFORE IT WILL WORK Cap_fonts: Install that as you would a normal addon (put the ...
Collection by: Mr_Claush
Medieval Update Stuff
Collection by: Dark Fox™
Black Mesa
Collection by: Igor Anisimov
Main Here are collected as the model of so and NPC of Black Mesa. Are present maps. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Optional Please enter the group Garry"'s Mod ( http://steamcommu...
Transformers Vehicles
Collection by: Doctor Who Says Ni
All the vehicles from the 4 Transformers movies in the workshop MOVIE 1: New Bumblebee - 2006 Camaro - Yellow Optimus Prime - Peterbilt - Red Ironhide - Topkick - Black Blackout/Grindor - Pave Low Starscream - F22 Raptor Barricade - Saleen - Police...
Triple A Map Collection
Collection by: Eazy - E
A collection of all the maps that I have uploaded to the steam workshop, look here to find everything i've created! I appreciate feedback, please leave a comment or a rating while you browse.
[TFG] HaloRP Content Pack
Collection by: DanDaMan
This collection is for [TFG] HaloRP Servers.
Anime Gmod Collection.
Collection by: Аsuka.[アスカ ].
Название говорит само за себя. По мере нахождения буду добавлять еще модели для аниме позинга.
Ashman ttt_bb map pack
Collection by: Asherack
all the ttt maps iv made for ttt server server ip: more maps are constantly being developed and posted as i work on them
Streetlight Gaming | Server Content Pack
Collection by: Streetlight #NotInSDK
Server content for the pointshop on all our servers.
Vindictus Monsters
Collection by: IZΣ | Kaori
All Vindictus monsters I extract and fix are there
Maps: Stargate/CAP + Spacebuild/SBEP
Collection by: pho
# Informations This collection contains maps that i'v found on workshop, i also uploaded some of them from Most of these maps requires CAP (Carter Addon Pack), SBEP (SpaceBuild Enhanced Pack) and Spacebuild (Energy, Life support, Environm...
Fretta Minigames
Collection by: [Emp'G]Niandra Lades
When you're hosting a server with multiple gamemodes, the content to download slowly builds up. Because of this, I have to decided to make as much of the custom downloads optional. For example, if you don't have a hat model saved on your PC, instead of se...
ShockCore Gaming CMRP Content
Collection by: [SCG] ParaShock
Content Pack for SCG CMRP.
Stavox DarkRP Content
Collection by: DyNATO
Collection of addons that has the required models/materials used in Stavox DarkRP server(s).
server addons
Collection by: MudKip (LTscar117)
if you dont want to see pure error signs in my server, i suggest you download these first before joining :3
Half-Life 2 Re-Textures
Collection by: Venomrider
This is a small collection of re-textures for some Half-Life 2 models, it may be updated gradually in the future.
seeker's workshop [hl2rp]
Collection by: TheSeeker
Server content 4 roleplay server
EnterYourGame TTT Server Addons
Collection by: Zaratusa
Addons for the EnterYourGame TTT Server. Add it to your server own by following this guide:
Water Maps
Collection by: AvantGARDE
Composed of my personal water map collection created in Source SDK.
Flames of Gmod
Collection by: Hans
WWII miniatures game
DeltaScape Gaming Server Content
Collection by: TheGoodSir
We're aware that this is alot of content. But this is for near enough every event, and to make the experience as immersive as possible. Press the subscribe to all button and never worry about errors again! Come join!:
Darsenvall's Metro 2033 Roleplay Collection
Collection by: ☭ Darsenvall ☭
Hello, I would like to show you my Metro 2033 RP Collection. First of all, I'll mention that this collection was made for people who want make Role-Play servers in Metro 2033 Universe. The collection contains: ● Metro 2033 RP Weapons Almost all we...
World of Tanks Ragdolls
Collection by: Professor Heavy
This collection includes all world of tanks ragdolls on the workshop. If you want more ragdolls go to
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