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Collection by: MacDGuy
A collection of all the Workshop items that are used/required to play GMTower. Be sure to hit "Subscribe to All". Visit us at --------- GMTower is the ultimate social experience to play with your friends in Garry's Mod. Joi...
Stargate Carter Addon Pack
Collection by: Rafael De Jongh
IMPORTANT NOTICE! READ BEFORE SUBSCRIBING! Note that this collection contains + 30 individual addons were most of them are +20MB each, therefore make sure to wait until you've downloaded every part completely until you start a new game or join a server...
The Best Gmod Addons/Mods [Realistic Game Improvements]
Collection by: TehAngelØfCrazeh
The best changing "Improvements" to make your game more realistic is right here!(Requires a Good PC) Test them out,play with your friends,and most importanly , Have Fun! If you like this Pack Please Rate/Comment It ^_^ We should make everyone to see...
SligWolf 's G-Mod Addons! :D
Collection by: SligWolf
All my sub's :)
Ultimate Player Pack
Collection by: Voikanaa
Collection that contains all my player models. For server owners guide to adding Workshop Addons here: LEFT 4 DEAD 2 ADDONS: Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3) for Left 4 Dead 2 http:...
Collection by: Mon小憨 - シャハン
The best addons for GMod13 (outdated)
Collection by: N4rg0n
These are the best addons for Garrysmod! (my opinion) My collection contains most TDM cars , most SCars and Siminov's / M9k weaponpacks which are some of the best addons in my opinon. It also contains the maps i like the most and some of the tools and...
TDM Cars Complete Pack
Collection by: A player 69 - Bday tomorrow
Please read the disclaimer before requesting cars. All TDM Cars in one collection. Have fun! Includes Base Pack. (You need it to get rid of the missing textures) Disclaimer (PLEASE READ): I did NOT make TDM Cars, TheDanishMaster (TDM) made them. So ...
Collection by: Todoo
DESCRIPTION: ♥ Without THIS, gMod ist just a lame game! Must have for everyone! You have so much awesome new and special stuff, its like you bought 10000 new games! It's awesome, try it! BESCHREIBUNG: ♥ Wer meine Videos kennt, will die Mods d...
WAC Community
Collection by: Dr. Matt
Welcome to the WAC Community 'collection'. If you have any questions about the addons please use the comments or discussions of the appropriate addon. Thank you!
LoneWolfie Cars
Collection by: LoneWolfie
A collection of the cars I have ported to garrysmod. This is not a place for requests, I dont do requests. Get the LWCars SVN here: Join the Steam group: Follow progress ...
Collection by: RandomTBush
This is a collection of Pokémon models that have been ported by Random Talking Bush for Garry's Mod, and also any other Pokémon models that RTB recommends. The packs are split between generations, so you can ignore certain ones if you're stingy like tha...
Custom Weapons (FA:S 2)
Collection by: Salamander Man
Customizable weapons
Five Nights at Freddy's Full GMOD Pack 2.0 (With working SNPCs!)
Collection by: [H.R.$] DreadNox
A better version of my elder one, this time with scary running SNPCs and Screamers! If the NPCS DON'T RUN: -open your console command; -type sv_cheats 1 -type nav_generate (more your map is big, more time it will take!) When finished: -type nav_save...
The Best Gmod Addons/Mods [General Game Changes]
Collection by: TehAngelØfCrazeh
All the best In-general adjustments for a better experience/gameplay in Garry's Mod! Test them out,play with your friends,and most importanly , Have Fun! If you like this Pack Please Rate/Comment It ^_^ We should make everyone to see this Colllectio...
Robotboy655's Addon Pack
Collection by: Rubat
Pack of all my addons, for easier install.
Asdf Knapsack
Collection by: გოგოლაძე
[[updated 12/2/2014]] MAPS HERE: The addons we use! This collection contains 99% of the addons we use. Some may be missing because stuff gets deleted from the workshop, but I try my be...
BoomBot v1.0
Collection by: BoomBot
Коллекция аддонов БумБота
SCars complete pack
Collection by: Sakarias88
This pack contains SCars Slim, Basic and Extra.
Garrys Mod Content
Collection by: (:-KirbyDot-:)
A Garrys Mod Content Pack for a quick (almost)errorless gameplay.
FIve nights at Freddy's 2 Withered old Official Collectiin Chica Bonnie
Collection by: smoke the bear
cause for some reasoi steam wont put bonnie up in general section here you go.
Prop Hunt and TTT Textures
Collection by: JaFu
The CS:S Textures for Trouble in terrorist town and Prop Hunt (and everything with CS:S!)
Garrys mod horror map pack
Collection by: Ixelf
Are you looking creepy gmod maps? Here you have all my favorite maps that are scary! :D
Prop Hunt pack
Collection by: Kowalski
Prop Hunt maps collection.
[Official]TheWarServer Addons Pack
Collection by: [VsX]|TheTueurCiTy
The Officiel pack of addons to play at TheWarServer ! IP of server: IP of server: IP of server: IP of server:
M9K Full Pack
Collection by: RusskiSam
This is full collection of Murderthorn 9000, including: - Small Arms - Assault Rifles - Heavy Weapons - Specialties M9K is by "INCONCEIVABLE!" If you like it, vote up the original creator, add to favourite. You can to not vote mine, but if you wa...
Alien: Isolation Garry's Mod Collection
Collection by: ώħèâţļèŷ
All of my mods from Alien: Isolation game, made for GMod. To do list: 1. Crafting system. - DONE 2. Weapon selection. - DONE 3. Weapons 4. Maps (locations: Sevastopol entry with some custom corridors and space access, radio complex, Alien's ship.). ...
Star Wars Complete Collection
Collection by: Lord Trilobite
Star Wars Complete Collection A selection of various maps and models based on Star Wars. I try to keep this pack updated all the time so it includes all worthwhile Star Wars addons on the Steam Workshop for Gmod. It includes work of many different au...
Syntax_Error752's WW2 Collection
Collection by: ☭ Syntax_Error752 ☭™
A set of WW2 addons, upon which I have worked.
Vanoss Gaming Collection
Collection by: IDrowseDropshotI
All the mods and plugins Vanoss uses in his GMod Sandbox Videos, Dont forget to rate! Feel free to add a comment with a link to a plugin you feel needs to be added. Thanks for the support so far, Really appreciate it.
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