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Soul Calibur IV
Collection by: Rolandz
This is a collection of Soul Calibur IV characters and weapons It was pretty big so i had to split it up into 6 I will update time to time by adding content So Try it out! Check the Garry's mod Thread here
TTT Server Map List
Collection by: Surenda_Otoko
A list in which I have compiled all maps that will be used on the Trouble In Terrorist Town
Freebuild and Kill
Collection by: O.T.
This is the collection of addons used on Freebuild and Kill.
[HOLY] Weapons and Cars [GTA MODE]
Collection by: •HolyHoly•
The special pack of guns (SWEPS) and vehicles for you. This pack for players who want to play "GTA-MODE" in Gmod 13. Thubs up if you like my collection. If you don't thumb up too. :D I hope You enjoy it. ---------------------------------------------...
Clientside Floofland Addons to Remove all ERRORS
Collection by: ArrickZane
These are just the addons you will need not to see any big red ERRORs you might be getting. We also have by SVN: ACF: Server's Official Steam Group:
Warframe Collection
Collection by: Nikout
A collection dedicated to ported resources from the game Warframe made by Digital Extremes. Tennos are playermodels.
XenoAisam Model Collection
Collection by: alatnet
Collection of XenoAisam Models. If you would like to know more about these models visit or If you would like to request a model, you can ask XenoAisam. He most likely will create that model as a p...
Larry's Ultimate Weapon Pack
Collection by: Masterlegodude
Larry's Ultimate Weapon pack is a prop pack of weapons by Larry_G and a bunch of users from FPS Banana, it is the largest weapon pack to ever be made for Garry's Mod and was more than a gigabyte of hard drive space back in the days of Gmod 12 The pack ...
RPTTT Megrolium full
Collection by: BИD
Все вместе.
Collection by: SmallScale
Все необходимые аддоны для игры на сервере ПРОЕКТА БЕЗУМИЕ.
Battlefield 4 - models collection
Collection by: McconaugheyM
BF4 models collection is about to get some new char models from BF4, this month you'll see: Dimitri Mayakovsky, Jin Jie (aka Golden), and maybe Chinese dudes from MP. Next month (probably): Muricans from MP, Daniel Recker, Agent Kovic, MP Russia...
Contenido para el server TTT Nahte's
Collection by: Nahte
Pa'l server
Best Effects
Collection by: V.I.P. Pyro™
This here shows all the best cinematic effects. Take your time. :)
Awesome addons
Collection by: Haven
A collection of maps, sweps, scripts and other things I use when playing on a friend's server
SCP Containment Breach Model Pack
Collection by: Vinrax
Models from SCP Contaiment Breach.
Spacebuild 3
Collection by: timsandtoms
This is meant to be a collection of anything highly useful to a fairly standard Spacebuild server, and is available via the workshop. Staple maps, essential tools, incredibly handy dupes, that sort of thing. No obscure ancient reuploads required. I will n...
Stop It Slender! Collection Pack
Collection by: CaptainDeagle62
*Please Note* Today Is 8/28/13 Server Will Be Done 8/31/13 A Collection Pack Of Stop It Slender Mod For Garry's Mod. This Server Is A Roleplay And Slender Server It Changes From Time To Time IP:
GM_Apehouse Winter
Collection by: Rush_Freak
This is basically an asthetically overhauled and extended version of the famous "de_apehouse" map, coated with snow. Features: -Map has been extended to roughly 9x the area of the original -3 versions of the map with different moods; day, sunset, and...
GMod Tower: VIP Beta Test Collection
Collection by: MacDGuy
This is a collection of all the beta testing content needed for VIP testing on GMod Tower. Unless you are VIP and intend on joining future GMod Tower betas, you do not need this content.
H!NX Brazilian DarkRP Addons/Content
Collection by: Limau
H!NX Brazillian DarkRP Content. Baixe os Addons aqui para não prescisar baixar no server ;)
Mega Monster Collection!
Collection by: Prekaldovah
A Monster Collection of Monsters! Now get out there, and have epic Monster Battles!! Contains: a lot of monsters by Chrysaetos, and few other authors, the original Big City map (that's the best place to spawn giants), some aliens too, birdmen, lizardme...
Scars Complete
Collection by: Dean2706
DOWNLOAD FROM THE NEW PACK:­ls/?id=221392772 THIS PACK WILL BE DELETED SOON. DOWNLOAD FROM THE NEW LINK. This is the Complete pack of Scars, This has all the Scars mod is 1 complete pack with a lot of awes...
DashNet Server Files
Collection by: [☂] Opti
This is a collection of the files used on the server. It includes various addons. Regarding maps, those are downloaded via a high-speed server automatically when you join. You do not need to download our maps through workshop. Steam Community http...
DSG Trouble in Terrorist Town
Collection by: Assassin
PLEASE READ BELOW!!! If you have come here from our TTT server in game command then subscribe to all this content. After the downloads have finished you must restart your Garry's Mod and rejoin the server. All content should now be visible and you c...
Halo:4 Weapons
Collection by: Pillar
Here you will find Halo:4 Weapon Pack Have fun.
Hool's Pack >> Garry's Mod << #SWAG #CREEPY #YOLO #WTF #RAINBOW
Collection by: The Hool
This pack has a lot of everything ! Funny player models, stupid weapons, creepy Woody and more... If YOU r MENTALLY ILL.. that pack is for U .. ENJOY BROS!
Warhammer 40k Weaponry
Collection by: Steven :D
Collection of my WH40K related sweps If you are interested in Warhammer 40K Roleplay, please visit the site below. ******************************************* *******************************************
PlatinumRP Content Collection
Collection by: Steg
These are all the addons we use on our server, download them for less errors and missing textures. Downloading them here is faster.
Mass Effect
Collection by: Destijl
This is a collection of all the Mass Effect related items currently available on the workshop for GMod. All have been tested and work for, at the very least, myself. If any of the included items fails to work, or if there's an item that should be in this ...
The Last Of Us RP (
Collection by: Silverdisc
A content pack for any roleplaying servers that use the setting of The Last Of Us. I'm writing a Clockwork schema for this as a sideproject. Please note: I'm not hosting any servers, just providing the schema. The first server that will be hosting the sch...
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