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TWS2 FotS Mod Collection
Collection by: Warhead Killor
These are all the mods that I'm currently using in my campaign for Shogun 2 on Youtube.
One collection to rule them all
Collection by: 4nubis
The essential collection to make Shogun 2 even better. This is a collection of the mods I'm using - I did not create any of them. All credit goes to the original creators.
Collection by: Stamford
A small collection of working WW1 maps and mods that will transform your playing experience.
Shogun2 - Korea Expansion
Collection by: excel1111
Nizla's Cheat Mod Collection
Collection by: [RITH] Nizla73
I have not created any of this mod, i'm just putting them in a same collections to have the possibility to see all the cheat mods and choose wich one to use. thanks for the people who created them and sorry for my bad english. Have fun :P
Shogun 2: Kampagne (extendet)
Collection by: Lorazam
Das ist aber toll!
Gameplay improvement collection
Collection by: StrangeLittleMan
A small collection of mods I use to make the game even more fun. As a bonus, none of these mods break the sound files (bows sounding like guns).
Collection by: sa
Collection by: Audric Sword Of Scotland!
None of theese mods were made by me and one or two are still im production and being bug fixed
SlapDick's FOTS List
Collection by: SlapDickMcRunFast
Personal list of fav's.
Head to Head Campaign Essentials
Collection by: Bleu
For personal use.
Ang's Essentials
Collection by: Angmooren
Angmooren's Essentials!
Collection by: wsnumb
More Playable Total War
basic maps
Collection by: (TwG) Ikillu2xD
With this collection, you get some nice maps for single- and multiplayer matches
nando bram
Collection by: hobbitpower99
[FOTS] Alternate Border Lines
Collection by: yobi_uk
Courtesy of the Sekigahara Campaign (mod) creater: Changes the state borders to be less cluttery and thinner for the Fall of the Samurai Compatibility: All mods (Try out this beautiful mod, SEKIGAHARA CAMPAIGN:
coleccion lasland
Collection by: Lasland
soy lasland jugador de los tottal war dentro de poco un amigo y yo haremos videos en youtube del rome total war
Collection by: littlebigmark
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