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PiousPenguin Pack
Collection by: PiousPenguin
Personally, I prefer mods that only change the appearance of the units and not their stats. I find Vanilla Shogun 2's gameplay and unit stats to be adequate, but the units, despite being in a large variety, do not always seem that way. Many of the units...
Flak Naval Series
Collection by: The FLAk Monkey
A growing collection of the maps in the Flak Naval Series. Regardless of what version of Shogun 2 or expansion you own, these maps will work and can be accessed from the custom battle or multiplayer areas.
Extended Mods Collection
Collection by: LestaT
All my created mods on Steam Workshop for Total War Shogun 2
Scopes Ninja experience collection.
Collection by: Scopeh
A collection of mod's authored by myself and other's that enhance the massively underepresented Ninja units in Shogun 2. Some of these mods are not directly ninja related and can be enjoyed when playing any shogun 2 army (i.e. The Blade and Sheath: Saya's...
Iutlands mods
Collection by: alchristensen1972
This mod is a major overhaul of Shogun 2 Total War with the aim to improve gameplay, make it more historically correct and infuse some diversity to the vanilla game. The changes include extensively modified campaign play and battle play with some graphica...
American Civil War Collection
Collection by: Lord Toranaga
This is a collection of American Civil War maps and two American Civil War mods that enable you to have Union and Confederate units in Total War Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai. The two mods are compatible with eachother. Total War: SHOGUN 2 & Total War...
Demon Samuria
Collection by: crusnik918
samuria with a blood thirst for battle an blood they dont retreat, they an fight no matter the odds they will not be discouraged, they are lengdary elite samuria they are trained in all weapons bows guns swords no matter what an they are perfect as cavarl...
Shogun 2 Siege Map Pack
Collection by: Cymindis
The Best fan made siege maps Have fun (I made none of these)
SurrealBelief's Shogun 2 Mod Collection
Collection by: Surreal
These are a variety of mods I'll experiment with and use through my Shogun 2 campaigns.
Maps and Mods
Collection by: MusashiKorian
This is the collection of mods and maps created by me. I hope you enjoy them and if you have questions or suggestions please let me know.
New units, buildings, rebalance! Weierstrass Fots Overhault!
Collection by: Weierstrass
Ikko Clans Pack Collection
Collection by: Olde' Shake'
This Mod pack allows all the playable clans[expect otomo], To have the Ikko ikki units and building with similar teach and monks. Help the Ikko ikki rule japan through pure land shin-shu! or Get destoried by the mighty hordes of the Ikko clans! You can...
Japaneese heights
Collection by: McMozg
A collection of land battlefields. Subscribe and try my new maps.
Unit Pack Compatibilty Collection
Collection by: [KW] VENNONETES
Here you can find 3 of the 5 updated UPCs. They are: _German UPC _Czech UPC _Italian UPC Click on them for find more info :)
Collection by: angelgirl83200
Norvoss's Unit Addons
Collection by: Norvoss
Collection of My Units Addons for Shogun
Challange, Simplicity, Compatabillity: Rewarding Gameplay
Collection by: Wendersnaven
After spending hours trying different mods and compatabilities, these are the ones I have selected to improve gameplay. Some aspects of the game become easier while other are more challenging, but this collection doesn't have the massive unit packs or bi...
Collection by: meskalito
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