Total War: SHOGUN 2
A thousand battles, a thousand victories, but are they yours?
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Make your game longer and fun
Collection by Marshalltotfog
Shogun 2 FOTS Workshop Collection
Collection by Ser Arthur Dayne
Shogun 2 Badassness!!
Collection by Dominus Purps
The best shogun 2 mods that work together!
Collection by The Big Burrito
NamedomRan's WW1 Collection
Collection by NamedomRan
A collection of WW1 themed maps and a few mods.
The American Civil War
Collection by Elmo Terry
Mods I like to use
Collection by Kharn
Shogun 2 Total War
Collection by Whiplash [Michael]
This is the mods I use when I play sometimes. I dont use all the mods at same time sometimes but I recommend the mods, they are good.
Collection by Napoleon Boner-Party
Lord of the Rings
Collection by tesseer
SOMG Shogun 2
Collection by Rifisc
Awesome mods!
Rise of the Demonking of the sixth Heavean mods to use
Collection by Gamernerd The Duke Of Button
all the mods i recommend to play Riso of the Demonking of the sixth Heavon with
Collection by (General 5thMVR) Gunther
It's a with it
Shogun 2 Collection
Collection by Stollegah
Required mods to play coop campaign in shogun with me
Master Of Strategy V2
Collection by Weierstrass
>>>>>>>>>>>>>DOWNLOAD PART 3 TO KEEP PLAYING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ->Instructions<- _Mandatory: Mosv2_p1.pack is the main part (db and campaing map) Mosv2_p2.pack ui pack Mosv2_p3.pack variant models _Optional: Mosv2_o1_castles1.pack contai...
Shogun 2 Dank Meme
Collection by Dwarfy1Panda
Ōtomo Clan Help
Collection by zoako
This is a collection of mods to help gameplay while playing as my favourite faction; the Ōtomo clan. This group of mods should work together well and allow you to progress with the campaign with a little more help. If you want to see some more mods in th...
Total War: SHOGUN 2
Collection by Magical ORZ
OUr shit
Collection by Vergewaltigungmeisternuentausend
Total War Shogun 2 Mods
Collection by Vanquisher征服者
Collection by Ieyasu
Collection by ShadowUSMC
Collection by Randy Orton
to make campaign fun and kinda easy to be honest
Kollektion Total War - SHOGUN 2
Collection by Shadow Knight
For the lulz
Ordo' FOTS Collection Goodies
Collection by Judge Ordo
A series of excellent mods by very talented individuals which makes Shogun 2 Fall of the Samurai infinitely more enjoyable!
Shogun 2 Interesting Ideas
Collection by Bruce_R
The Shogun 2 mods I don't mind.
North&South II - The American Civil War
Collection by Primergy the Great
North&South II - THE American Civil War Mod
TavTav Magic
Collection by TavTav
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