Total War: SHOGUN 2
A thousand battles, a thousand victories, but are they yours?
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123 TikTak Mods
Collection by Zagre
All small mods that improve Shogun 2 Total war.
WW1 Maps
Collection by Warrior Bobo
Various Shogun 2: Total War WW1 maps.
Shogun II Mods to try
Collection by Majestic Moose
Just a collection for mods which look as though they have potential, for me to try later :)
shogun 2
Collection by Guilhem
Collection by PanzerJager
Total War: Shogun 2 Mods collection
Collection by For_Honor.....
Shogun 2 Interesting Ideas
Collection by Bruce_R
The Shogun 2 mods I don't mind.
Kollektion Total War - SHOGUN 2
Collection by Shadow Knight
For the lulz
Asger Collection Mk1
Collection by Rasputin
Mods I use In multiplayer games.
Total Waraches: Changones 2
Collection by ℬіѕтγ ß.
Ōtomo Clan Help
Collection by zoako
This is a collection of mods to help gameplay while playing as my favourite faction; the Ōtomo clan. This group of mods should work together well and allow you to progress with the campaign with a little more help. If you want to see some more mods in th...
Lord of the Rings
Collection by tesseer
Collection by sdhdxgj
shogun 2 modification addons mix collection from steam, just some mods, maps, and historical battles that i am trying it out, hope it will enhance game play. did not test every mod and its function its working corectly?
Collection by snoopy_ngong_ngang
Collection by KingOrgazmuz
Shogun 2
Collection by merlanthemagician
Shogun 2 Crap
Collection by [SN] Reapers Assistant
Shogun 2 Crap
Collection by sa
Collection by sa
This isn't Mario
Collection by SpawnSean
I ain't done nothing officer.
Collection by sa
delta slayer 123
Collection by tato_0405
its awsome and just play it
MrBlitzBear Collection
Collection by Xx_EskyRider_xX
my used mods
Collection by Tera Branford
this is a collection of mods that i use i hope you enjoy
my used mods
Collection by Tera Branford
this is a collection of mods that i use i hope you enjoy this will be updated with more mods just stick arouend oh and if i hit 100 downloads my secend modpack will ne launched
Shogun 2
Collection by GloriousPotato
Bien's Title
Collection by buenafe.gabriel
The collection is for total war shogun 2.
Shogun 2 FotS
Collection by Spalter
Aristandros Map Pack
Collection by bills6693
Collection of these maps (so you can subscribe to all easily). Just wanted an easy way to get them myself, and thought others might too!
get this one.
Collection by Raw Dog
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