Total War: SHOGUN 2
A thousand battles, a thousand victories, but are they yours?
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My Mods
Collection by: Dude8955
Collection by: Frau Tavi Keppler
My FOTS Collection
Collection by: Capt. Olsson
My Own
Total War: Shogun 2 Mods collection
Collection by: |S.J.L.F.|Spartan+LeGaCy+
Trio's Shogun Collection
Collection by: Trio
All mods in this collection work perfectly with each other...and have played shogun for a long time and believe this to be the best collection of mods that i play with...hope you enjoy also i have downloaded various Darthmod submods from http://www.twc...
Collection by: Illuminati President
Collection by: Levishm Rae
Shogun 2 Mods
Collection by: MajesticNoodle
Asger Collection Mk1
Collection by: Asger_Grimrson
Mods I use In multiplayer games.
coop stuff m8
Collection by: Shade
shogan stuff m8s
just for fun
Collection by: [BearHug] rasiermesser
Shogun 2: Kampagne (extendet)
Collection by: Lorazam
Das ist aber toll!
Collection by: Gilgamesh
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Making A better shogun 2
Collection by: Gilgamesh
Master Of Strategy Mod
Collection by: Weierstrass
(sorry for my english) Hello guys! This mod focus on an incresed difficulty and profundity, giving a lot variety through new units, buildings and some mechanics. THIS MOD IS NOT A FINAL VERSION, SOME THINGS NEED TO BE ADDED AND A LOT OF DESCRIPTIO...
So chez understands what mods to use...
Collection by: Wildman
fucking chez
Collection by: Gilgamesh
Collection by: Val Thor
Mods que uso
Collection by: Javi_Wan
Arimattari's Mod Collection
Collection by: Age_of_FormagGino
Arimattari's Mod Collection for Shogun 2 Streams
Total War Shogun 2 Best Mods
Collection by: RoKing18
A collection of, in my opinion, the best shogun 2 mods,some of which are for the FOTS only, (including maps,unit packs and modifications such as border changes) around at the moment. If you have any suggestions feel free to comment with them. Thanks :)
Total War Shogun 2 Maps
Collection by: ZCrazycow
These are maps that i have created.
Моды сёгун
Collection by: Max17k
Collection by: ADDIO#civolunuibummi
Better Wars Collection
Collection by: Tasunke
more ashigaru, stronger Samurai and Heroes when/if possible .... to give more variety and coooolness to units, and to make the campaign seem more grand and neat, rather than kind of pathetic and risk-like.
collection stuff
Collection by: Otaku Big Boss
shogun 2
Collection by: VOENKOM.СФИИФПУ
Merc's Stash
Collection by: Prophet Of Merci
Collection Of "Total War: Shogun 2- Fall of the Samurai" Mods that are compatible with one another, and greatly imrpoves gameplay involving an increase to the number of units in game. Also includes a new vioce over to the battle adviser, the "SHAMFUR DISP...
Dylan's Desired Downloads
Collection by: Kriegg
Aloot of stuuf
shogun 2 mods
Collection by: blackwolf of Dunedan
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