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The American Civil War
Collection by Elmo Terry
Shogun 2 Total War
Collection by Whiplash [Michael]
These are the mods I use when I play sometimes, I dont use all the mods at same time sometimes but I recommend the mods, they are good.
Master Of Strategy V2
Collection by Weierstrass
>>>>>>>>>>>>>DOWNLOAD PART 3 TO KEEP PLAYING<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< ->Instructions<- _Mandatory: Mosv2_p1.pack is the main part (db and campaing map) Mosv2_p2.pack ui pack Mosv2_p3.pack variant models _Optional: Mosv2_o1_castles1.pack contai...
Improving vanilla game
Collection by Frodo45127
This is a collection of fixes and mods that don't change the vanilla game drastically, only improve it. Download the mods you want, but: - FOTS Artillery Pack T1 and T2: download ONLY one. T1 have diferent smoke effects. T2 have vanilla smoke effects....
The_Yogi's Steam Mod Recommendations
Collection by The_Yogi
This Collection is a recommendations of mods i use...that is available in Steam Workshop anyway...There is a lot of mods I personally use from Forums Note: Ch...
Kami Total war
Collection by Sell ass for money :(
Radious Total War
Collection by Radious
Complete game overhaul mod, which offers to players big changes in campaign AI, diplomacy, land and naval battles, adding new units, new abilities, changing buildings, re balancing all unit stats and costs, reworking experience system and much more. Mo...
Morning Sun version 1.0
Collection by uanime5
I made a collection of all the parts of my Morning Sun mod so that people can easily subscribe to it. The Morning Sun mod attempts to recreate the Imjin War by adding Korea (40 regions and 1 faction) to Japan from my Morning Sun mod (176 provinces and ...
The Creative Assembly Official Content
Collection by Mendozacheers
The six maps from Creative Assembly that I simply put in a collection. 1 click to subscribe to them all! I don't have anything to do with the development whatsoever, obviously. Thank Creative Assembly for their Total War awesomeness, as well as adding Ste...
Nathaniak's Visual Mods
Collection by Nathaniak
Hello, and welcome! I'm a casual Total War player who wants to change a few things about this game! This collection is for small, visual changes based on swapping around the in-game assets to create some visual changes for the game. None of these mods edi...
World War 1 Maps
Collection by Bohenno
Maps designed for Total War: Shogun 2 - Fall of the Samurai, to simulate combats with trenches. Players must deploy a huge number of soldiers to defend their positions and even more if they want to attack.
Blackthorn's mod collection
Collection by Black Thorn™NL
New units Bayonets Epic uniforms it's all there
Collection by Weierstrass
FoTS Maps This map is part of a serie of 5 maps for the FoTS Maps. lvl1: Town lvl2: Large Town lvl3: City lvl4: Municipality lvl5: Prefecture (Suspended) Note: This map could be improved. Anyone who wants to make it better is welcome (But p...
basic equipment
Collection by Philip Thiel (Offiziell)
basic equipment All of these mods are compatible, I've downloaded all for me. (Alle diese mods sind kombinierbar, ich habe alle bei mir heruntergeladen.)
Charsi's Shogun 2 Tweaks
Collection by Charsi
A collection of my personal mods, designed to work together to enhance Shogun 2's vanilla campaign. Included in this set is: Accelerated Samurai Recruitment ... Gain -1 recruitment time for samurai one building tier sooner Diplomatic Tweaks ......
Shogun 2 "Must Have" Mods
Collection by ΣƑIX
Mods you need to play some real Shogun 2 without losing the game balance. All compatible all tested. Mostly tweak and gameplay modification fixing the annoying stuff from vanilla Shogun. The full Darth mod can be found (non workshop version) by followi...
PiousPenguin Pack
Collection by PiousPenguin
Personally, I prefer mods that only change the appearance of the units and not their stats. I find Vanilla Shogun 2's gameplay and unit stats to be adequate, but the units, despite being in a large variety, do not always seem that way. Many of the units...
Historical Accuracy Tweaks Collection
Collection by Alexandros300
Collection of Tweaks intended to increase historical accuracy of the game from multiple perspectives. This collection also includes some in game and graphical fixes. I will always be working on reducing bugs and compatability issues with these mods as wel...
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