Total War: SHOGUN 2
A thousand battles, a thousand victories, but are they yours?
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TomcatPippins mod collection
Collection by: TomcatPippin
Blah Blah Blah
Collection by: rich
Collection by: Heyhadog
Collection by: тов. Сталин
Collection by: AnalAdolf88
Sages Awesome Pack
Collection by: SagesFury
a pack i made for shogun 2 FOTS to play with some friends
shogun two mods
Collection by: xphose4
cool mods for shogun 2
Kami Total war
Collection by: Kami
Shogun 2 Mods for Friends
Collection by: |RagTags| Chopstick Masta
Mod for friends to find and download.
Shogun 2 Mods
Collection by: Zombie Berlioz
Mods from favorite shogun 2 players
Super Happy Funtime ACAP
Collection by: Aetran
A personal pack for a friend
Collection by: skdml40
Jaiden's ashigaru fun time
Collection by: ϡJaiden
peasants ftw
Shogun2 - Korea Expansion
Collection by: excel1111
Shogun 2 Anime
Collection by: HiddenSecret
A collection of Kamis Shogun 2-Anime-Model-Mods. I don´t own these mods, if you have any questions, please ask in the description of the mods.
modsCollection - Shogun2 Total War
Collection by: pinkop7
Shogun 2 Mod
Collection by: rct414
Collection by: Fyren338
Korea collection
Shogun 2 mods
Collection by: cwstadtman
Morning Sun version 1.0
Collection by: uanime5
I made a collection of all the parts of my Morning Sun mod so that people can easily subscribe to it. The Morning Sun mod attempts to recreate the Imjin War by adding Korea (40 regions and 1 faction) to Japan from my Morning Sun mod (176 provinces and ...
Total Winning: Shogun 2
Collection by: Disarray
For Honor
Haazenpfeffer's More Enjoyable Shogun II Experience
Collection by: Haazenpfeffer
A mod collection that makes the game much more enjoyable and rewarding. Some might say it makes the game too easy, but that's what the harder difficulties are for!
Personalised MP pack
Collection by: Qwertyalex
For myself and friends who play MP. No credit to me, everything belongs to its creator.
Shogun 2 Mods
Collection by: metalhead_dave
Collection by: Hunter Yoda
PiousPenguin Pack
Collection by: PiousPenguin
Personally, I prefer mods that only change the appearance of the units and not their stats. I find Vanilla Shogun 2's gameplay and unit stats to be adequate, but the units, despite being in a large variety, do not always seem that way. Many of the units...
Collection by: SpawnSean
HE is such a baby
Collection by: Gilgamesh
Collection by: [DW] Rin
Fast mode
Collection by: Toho
Less Bull
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