Total War: SHOGUN 2
A thousand battles, a thousand victories, but are they yours?
Create, discover and download historical battle scenarios, multiplayer maps and the most popular and accomplished mods. Or try out Total War TEd editor to create and upload your own. Click here to learn more.
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Größer = besser (Shogun Mapvergrößerung)
Collection by: Kawaii Potato
83 neue Gebite! Uuunglaublich :O
Collection by: Saden
shogun 2 mods
Collection by: traversdevin
+FOTS Mega Pack+
Collection by: ✠ Krieg_Strunam ✠ ™
This is a collection of many FOTS/Sengoku Jidai period mods available on the workshop. These are only here to enhance FOTS and SJ Campaigns!
The Demon Files (Shogun 2)
Collection by: Neon Demons
Bien's Title
Collection by: buenafe.gabriel
The collection is for total war shogun 2.
MrBlitzBear Collection
Collection by: Xx_EskyRider_xX
my used mods
Collection by: Derpy Hooves
this is a collection of mods that i use i hope you enjoy
my used mods
Collection by: Derpy Hooves
this is a collection of mods that i use i hope you enjoy this will be updated with more mods just stick arouend oh and if i hit 100 downloads my secend modpack will ne launched
Shogun Mods
Collection by: Ewymetal
OctoKnights & friends Shogun mod collection
Collection by: OctoKnight
Collection by: Tsui Izumi
Tikamsis Kollektion
Collection by: Tikamsi
Tikamsis Kollektion provides some soft game-behaviour mods: - 70 years more time for campaign - 12 turns per year - campaign basis mod - -
Collection by: [RG*] Ghost
All my radious mods + a few more
Collection by: Grimhat
A Modpack for use with my friends. Anny1 who finds it interesting is free to use.
Zacks Modpack
Collection by: TheGreatCanoodler
Zacks Mod Colection
Collection by: TheGreatCanoodler
get this one.
Collection by: Raw Dog
Collection by: holgerschlonz
Shogun 2 Mod and maps Collection
Collection by: Devilmaster
Total Wars
Collection by: sixburn
stuff I collect
Working Pack
Collection by: -SR-Monty
Stuff and things
Mod package
Collection by: [EZC] Red Overcoat
a set of mods that'll improve your gaming experience
Mod Shogun 2
Collection by: Arckas
Regroupement de mod qui me semble intérressant est très utile pour Shogun 2 ;)
Collection by: isaiahhooks69
Collection by: Siclesleon
my mods in shogun 2 vanilla Working which co-op
LOrd Chris
Collection by: maximus92
Base wars collection
Collection by: [165th]Shoomama
These are all maps created by me.
fots mods
Collection by: rwilsoninjax
Shogun 2 Map/Mod Collections
Collection by: theRapist
Collection of Maps and Mods for Shogun 2 Total War.
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