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Shisno's Essentials
Collection by Punky Muffin'
My preferred mods. While the Zomnibus Addon Pack has all of these, I don't like some of the mods in Zomnibus. It's pretty easy to disable/ignore them, but I like to keep only what I use and delete what I don't. So I like to keep them separate and add/remo...
Must have Addons
Collection by SquarelyCircle
**Warning about Race and Class Mods** Many mods add new classes and races. While these are a lot of fun, you should be aware that they are not all well balanced. Heaven forbid you should run up against an enemy that can one-hit kill you entirely becaus...
Collection by nuku_v
Mods that add new races to ToMe. Each one lets you play the game in a slightly different way.
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