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Collection by: Mr.Puppy_Disaster
Justice League Corps
Collection by: Mr.Puppy_Disaster
This has heros and villians from diffrent Lantern corps
Bluntman and Chronic Strike Back
Collection by: MarurabaATX
Bluntman and Chronic plus more from the View Askewniverse
Collection by: claydragonc
its just random stuff
Animal heros
Collection by: 7 DEADLY SINS
For many years its all been about batman and green lantern blah blah blah what we really need is animal heros :D E N J O Y
Collection by: Super Silver 16
Marvel items in a DC comic game LOL
Doctor Who
Collection by: Minesquack
My collection of Doctor Who stuff. Geek out to your favorite wibbly-wobbly characters, weapons, and more.
Collection by: el.viicen
Smash Bros Unmasked
Collection by: Super Silver 16
Super Smash Bros stuff in Unmasked just for u Nintendo fans
Doctor Who
Collection by: Classy_Creeper_Gaming
A collection of any Doctor Who creations I think Whovians should have (If you want yours included leave a comment and I'll look at it).
Collection by: sjn51406
RVB Pack
Collection by: =[DSG]=[o.W.n]=Blockspartan372
This is my collection of RvB (Red vs Blue) characters and items. I will try to add as much of the RvB series as I can.
Monster Survival
Collection by: Super Silver 16
Items for a nice Mini-Game in Scribblenauts Unmasked you can put this on Youtube. Rules KILL LOTS OF MONSTERS
Collection by: Mr.Puppy_Disaster
This contains items,npcs,wepons and items from SLENDER
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