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Mr. Polite`s Tech & Weapons!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the weapons and tech that I have made.
Prehistoric and Sea creatures
Collection by: SpencerGamer
A collection of prehistoric and sea creatures.
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
Portal Unmasked!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the portal themed objects that anyone has made for Scribblenauts Unmasked!:)
Heroes,mascotas,disfrazes,armas y más
Collection by: sTrEnGeRs Rodei
solamente una palabra .EPICA.
Collection by: jake10house
heroes i made in Scribblenauts Unlimited
Nerf Series
Collection by: Netbag
This is my collection of Nerf weapons and accecories. Feel free to request stuff! P.S. I constantly update my premade weapons to make them look as realistic as possible to the model, so check often! P.S.S This is it for Wave 1, Wave 2 coming in Augu...
Pulp Fiction
Collection by: ☿ Dingbat ☿
All the people you love, coming from the country WHAT?! They speak english there
Space Canine Patrol Agent
Collection by: Wilbur Whateley
Dog Stars, Dog Stars, bow, wow, wow! Bark for justice, now, now, now! A team of super-powered dogs (and one cat) that act like a parody of the Legion of Super Heroes. Due to the limitations of the list of powers available in the Hero Creator some o...
Bee Army
Collection by: Redfury
Bees made in Hero Creator Sign up your bee in comments It will be referenced as soon as possible Make sure it's cool !
Collection by: Honkers McBonkers
A collection of items and creatures from the Fallout series of games. I will usually make one or two items a day to add to this. I will also add any things from Fallout by other people, too.
Collection by: King Penguin
Mario in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Collection by: King Penguin
Skyrim in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Dragon Unmasked Z (dragon ball z mod)
Collection by: Mr.wright
dragon unmasked z is remaked of dragm ball z do enjoy this mod
A massed collection of self-made mindtumors
Collection by: [FP] Dafini #BeingElite
I made all this for Scribblenauts Unmasked. Subscribe at your peril, for it is a gateway to madness... Or also known as the basement that a chicken experiments on people with using chainsaws in...
Mr. Polite`s Characters!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the characters that I have made for Scribblenauts Unmasked.
Smash Bros Unmasked
Collection by: Super Silver 16
Super Smash Bros stuff in Unmasked just for u Nintendo fans
Collection by: hyperwave
harry potter
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
Harry Potter stuff I'll add more but at the mo theres Harry Potter, Voldemort and Arogog!
82nd Duck Characters (Full of Inside Jokes) (Meant for friends)
Collection by: biffa72
This collection is for friends and is an inside joke.
Collection by: general_tigan
Stuff from Ghostbusters
Collection by: King Penguin
A bunch of chreepypastas.
Collection by: Octo Spring
its art.
attack on titan
Collection by: mortal legend17
Warehouse 13
Collection by: DalekBob117
NPCs, Artifacts and weapons from Warehouse 13.
Flash TV Show Heroes and Villains
Collection by: Darude Sandstorm DUDUDUDU
Flash TV Show villains and heroes will be released every week.
The Amazing Spiderman
Collection by: Selliato
Complete your experience with many characters from "The amazing Spiderman". More coming.
Collection by: mazzen
Any creation based off of the game by Mojang, Minecraft.
Collection by: ATF_Orochi Avlis // D3
Marvel Teams
Collection by: BEAST MASTER
This is a collection of all the marvel Alter ego's when they are Part of a team and when they are not doing Superhero Stuff so i hope you enjoy this collection and you check out my stuff on Scribblenauts Unlimited so thank you and Peace:).
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