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The Avengers
Collection by: The Lord of the Spook
Avengers, assemble!
"Be The Batman" Arkham Themed DLC Pack
Collection by: Venomousbeetle
Arkhamverse inspired Gadgets/Costumes and other items intended for Maxwell
Soul Eater
Collection by: Volxx
Stuff from the anime Soul Eater. I'm probably gonna add more.
Batman vs Cthulu
Collection by: eD_Nort
The next iteration of
Nintendo Unmasked
Collection by: Gaming Profeosor Narpytic
Collection by: crtynes
From your favorite tv show i bring you a new Lex, Clark, Arthor, Vic, Bart, etc
Earth 2/ Unmasked/ Stealth
Collection by: crtynes
it has EArth 2 charactors your favorites unmasked and their stealth suits
Super Friends
Collection by: MacacoCareca
characters created by Hanna-Barbera for Super Friends TV Series.
Super Friends - Young Justice Invasion
Collection by: MacacoCareca
Young Justice version of the character created by Hanna-Barbera for Super Friends TV series.
Doctor Who!
Collection by: King Penguin
Doctor Who in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Prehistoric and Sea creatures
Collection by: SpencerGamer
A collection of prehistoric and sea creatures.
Bluntman and Chronic Strike Back
Collection by: MarurabaATX
Bluntman and Chronic plus more from the View Askewniverse
Mr. Polite`s Tech & Weapons!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the weapons and tech that I have made.
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
Portal Unmasked!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the portal themed objects that anyone has made for Scribblenauts Unmasked!:)
star wars stuff
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
This is my star wars collection full of random star wars guys, suggestions are always welcome!
Commander Vanquish Collection
Collection by: Delirious_Predator
This collection is for Scribblenauts:Unmasked. It contains the Mercenary: Commander Vanquish. And it also contains the mercenary's weapon that help him hunt down his prey. Comes with the Vanquisher and the Vanquisher 2, it also comes with the Knife of Van...
The offical AMC walking dead collection
Collection by: NIGHT WALKER
contains all my AMCS the walking dead mods please subscribe and post comments
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