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Zombie Survival
Collection by: fucking pussy cock ass butt bad
A collection of items that will help you both create and fight off a deathly plague.
Collection by: Disco
Collection for a dear friend and everyone who enjoys Watchmen comics (or the movie). It's a work in progress, since there's only Nite Owl II and Doctor Manhattan included with this. I have quite big plans for the future, such as adding Silk Spectre II ...
Justice League of Cthulhu
Collection by: {Modern} Black Science Man
Work in Progress. Update!- Now taking User Made Justice League Clthulhu! Feel Free to make your own Cthulhu for a Justice League Member, and if it looks nice enough and I like it, I will gladfully put it in this collection. Only Rule I have is: Please ...
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
marvel stuff
Iron Man Armoury
Collection by: The Lord of the Pootis
Collection by: ىƫ∊αɱ-Ɗɾϊ∊ɖ ƘϊƜϊ
Spartans never die....but all those grunts sure do!
Mortal Kombat Characters!
Collection by: ghostrider9800
A Collection of characters from the Mortal Kombat series! I'll make and add more characters, so if you want more, be sure to visit and see if I have added anything! If you like something PLEASE rate it! Also, thanks for looking or downloading! :)
Batman vs Cthulu
Collection by: eD_Nort
The next iteration of
The Many Faces of Link
Collection by: The Lord of the Pootis
My collection of Link in all his graphical styles, outfits, and transformations.
Batman Arkham Universe
Collection by: The Lord of the Pootis
A collection of characters as they appear in the Batman Arkham Trilogy.
"Be The Batman" Arkham Themed DLC Pack
Collection by: Venomousbeetle
Arkhamverse inspired Gadgets/Costumes and other items intended for Maxwell
Collection by: King Penguin
Pokemon in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
The Avengers (Cinematic)
Collection by: Capta1nAm3rica
This is my set of Avengers created for Scribblenauts Unmasked. Anyone you don't see is on the way. I like to take a lot of time into making sure I've chosen all the best pieces to assemble my creations. Thank you so much for all the support, to everyone w...
super emmasterman
Collection by: emmettjoeclift
The Avengers
Collection by: The Lord of the Pootis
Avengers, assemble!
Nintendo Unmasked
Collection by: Teen Inthelittlewood
Mr. Polite`s Tech & Weapons!
Collection by: Mr. Polite
This is a collection of all the weapons and tech that I have made.
Soul Eater
Collection by: Kuroha
Stuff from the anime Soul Eater. I'm probably gonna add more.
Prehistoric and Sea creatures
Collection by: SpencerGamer
A collection of prehistoric and sea creatures.
Earth 2/ Unmasked/ Stealth
Collection by: crtynes
it has EArth 2 charactors your favorites unmasked and their stealth suits
Super Friends - Young Justice Invasion
Collection by: MacacoCareca
Young Justice version of the character created by Hanna-Barbera for Super Friends TV series.
More Costumes!
Collection by: ghostrider9800
A Collection of more Costumes that you can wear in Scribblenauts Unmasked! I'm going to make and add more Costumes to this Collection, so if you want more, just be sure to visit and see if I have updated it! If you like anything PLEASE rate it! Also, than...
Super Friends
Collection by: MacacoCareca
characters created by Hanna-Barbera for Super Friends TV Series.
Collection by: King Penguin
Mario in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Collection by: King Penguin
Skyrim in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Doctor Who!
Collection by: King Penguin
Doctor Who in Scribblenauts Unmasked!
Collection by: mazzen
Any creation based off of the game by Mojang, Minecraft.
Collection by: crtynes
From your favorite tv show i bring you a new Lex, Clark, Arthor, Vic, Bart, etc
Space Canine Patrol Agent
Collection by: Wilbur Whateley
Dog Stars, Dog Stars, bow, wow, wow! Bark for justice, now, now, now! A team of super-powered dogs (and one cat) that act like a parody of the Legion of Super Heroes. Due to the limitations of the list of powers available in the Hero Creator some o...
Pulp Fiction
Collection by: Dingbat
All the people you love, coming from the country WHAT?! They speak english there
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