Democracy 3
Democracy 3: Modding workshop
Discover and download new policies, situations, events, dilemmas and more, to expand and customize your virtual countries. Or create your own to share with the community. Built-in mod control panel lets you enable and disable installed mods at will. Full modding guide available online here.
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Nations Collection
Collection by: aequalitas
Collection of additional nations for Democracy 3.
Country Mods by Diogo Costa
Collection by: Diogo Costa
There you can find all the countries I have created in Democracy 3. Enjoy!
Policies Collection
Collection by: aequalitas
Collection of items that include primarily additional policies.
Superpower Suite
Collection by: Gikgik
A collection of mods which enhances the game, sector by sector. Among the major mods are Biotech, Crime and Punishment, Industrial Evolution and Superpower.
Kjulo's Pick n' Mix Mods
Collection by: Kjulo
A collection of my mods, each one changes a different part of the game and to avoid incompabilities or redundant policies when other mods are activated they can all be enabled and disabled seperately.
Fish Idea's Are Good Idea's
Collection by: |Pipe Dreams| #Based
I've been playing Democracy 3 for some time now, and over time i do find mods that work together well, or make the gameplay more dramatic and exciting! I have tried mod and mod again, but these ones work together! I'm not a master coder, but when i find...
Democracy 3 Collection
Collection by: Gezenko
the epic / nice pack
Collection by: pope
i play with all this mods to do the game much better (\__/) (='.'=) (")_(")
Dm3 collection
Collection by: The perverted chibi
Awesome Democracy 3 Mods
Collection by: The Man In The Van
My fav Dem 3 mods
Democracy 3 Collection
Collection by: Gezenko
These are the mods I like to use, so yea.
Fun Mods
Collection by: Scc33
I think that these mods make the game much more interesting and enjoyable.
Collection by: ambjefferis
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Democracy 3
Collection by: chilidawg13
Collection by: jlwillard14
Collection by: adjepson
Democracy 3
Collection by: DannyOceans
Democracy 3 collections
Collection by: simsfandaniel
Go-Ju San's Democracy 3 Mods
Collection by: Fifty Three
Democracy 3 mods made by Go-Ju San.
Lots of Policies
Collection by: xod129
Loads of polices and stuff
Collection by: Unfriendly Man
democracy 3
Collection by: dbFluke
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