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Red Faction Ships
Collection by: BrainProtest
Ships that belong to the red faction - more to be added.
SE BluePrints for Exploration Mode
Collection by: BrainProtest
This are items built by myself that I suggest to be included in the planned "Exploration Mode" in Space Engineers. All these Ships could be used as a remaining of a long past civilisation and partly for regular Cargo-Ship spawns.
The Incarri Collection
Collection by: Majiyabai
Steam Group: (Fluff and previews, maybe) I'm rebooting this collection since I've gotten back into Space Engineers recently. Can't say how long it'll hold but hey - let's have fun while it lasts :) - What i...
VIE Ship Set for Exploration Mode
Collection by: VIEBlitz
This is a collection of ships I have made for my Exploration mode entries. They are thematically colored and shaped, and are fully survival ready.
Collection by: Phantom329
This holds all of my contributions for the exploration aspect of Space Engineers.
Trader's Union
Collection by: yacabo
A bunch of ships I made to look and feel like trade ships.
Collection by: Chief Keef - Big Gucci Sosa
Dragon Armada
Collection by: IZG | Flomuck
The whole Dragon Armada Content. Please note that this pack is designed specificly for the exploration mode. That means that no mods, rotors and/or pistons are used and no ship exceeds the current triangle cap: -Small ship: 80,000 triangles -Large sh...
Collection by: RedBaron918
this is my freind and I's faction for the explorsion contest. Athinian PMC is a pirvate millitary company that roams the galaxy for work and war. they are highly traind and skilled pilots and tactisons. they will work for the hihgest bider so wacth your ...
Collection by: 3xclus1v3Pwn
SPACE ENGENEER advanced building
Collection by: each
so zeug
FURTEC Ship Dump
Collection by: Avalunch ♥
Ye ships be dumped here.
Anuspenetrator Kollektion
Collection by: [US] EON
The Drifter Fleet
Collection by: zbaize
All ships and stations that are part of the Drifter faction. The faction uses ships that are slightly older and not state of the art. They mine asteroids and salvage derilict ships to keep their ships and stations opperational. Most of their ships have on...
Drone set for the Explorer vessel
Collection by: Kuu Lightwing
A set of drones made for my Explorer exploration ship. These drones are heavily based on drones by Stone Cold Jane Austen (link: including a similar boom camera, similar docking mechanism a...
Hostail's Sound Mods
Collection by: Hostail
Just a collection of the sound mods i have made. If you have any requests just ask me in any form you want.
SMTX Realistic Shipping Containers V.2
Collection by: SiMattx
NEW Realistic Shipping Containers v2.0 Full with All Ore, Ingots and Items The containers are full with cargo Items, ore and Ingots. Features: Built in systems to control a shipping container. Ability to turn position lights off. ...
LSF (Last Standing Faction)
Collection by: RelicSage
Collection of all my blueprints
Collection by: cr3at0rr
FaD's Ships
Collection by: José Paulo (FaD)
FaD's ships made for Space Engineers; Loot will be added later.
[Exploration] The New Empire Fleet
Collection by: CL-84-Dynavert
The New Empire The New Empire represents power and strength. For the New Empire space is a place to be owned and ruled by the strongest military power. In their eyes, they are these powers. They do not accept any other faction entering their terri...
Starter Addons Pack
Collection by: ArtSoulinc
IMPCO Exploration Collection
Collection by: imp12885
This is all my crafts being submitted for the Exploration content.
Collection by: each
Phalanx Ship Yards
Collection by: Azrail
This is the ship and station collection from the Phalanx Ship Yards. I hope you enjoy them.
Collection by: CPTsmirnov
Collection by: CPTsmirnov
Collection by: Mooka
server mods mates
Collection by: Chum Froud
its good
fabricator77's worlds and blueprints
Collection by: fabricator77
A collection with most of my worlds and blueprints together. Also any missions or the like I create.
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