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October Mods
Collection by: Abyzmi
These are the mods that were used in the creation of the October Exploration Ship
The Black Fleet
Collection by: Evil_Doc (Retired)
My "Black Fleet" of ships I've designed so far. Unfortunately, my computer is not powerful enough for me to do bigger ships, or I would have made a large battleship / carrier already.
United Crimson Federation
Collection by: Lexstock
A collection of the UCF fleet. More ships and a back story to the United Crimson Federation will follow soon.
Space engineers Mods
Collection by: pandas are really fluffy
Frendpais download/subscribe to these a nice collection of decorative and useful mods for that dang space simulator
Skyboxes with SpeedMod
Collection by: AssHunter
Skyboxes collection with SpeedMod Large Ships max speed: 400 m/s Small Ships max speed: 460 m/s This Skyboxes collection with default speed options:
Collection by: Gobo
Mod Collection for PhFG server.
Industrial Grease Monkeys Co.
Collection by: Field Smith
"We can Fix it, Find it, Mine it, and Scrap it!" - IGM Founder Creating and innovating technology and machines for over 35 years, IGM is now a trusted brand throughout society in space. After suffering from a major financial loss 8 years ago the Compan...
Viper Interceptors
Collection by: AssHunter
Absolutely Necessary Space Engineers Mods
Collection by: Anthropy
This is the good stuff. This is where the party's at. Get this pack, and you'll have everything that's great about the current existing Space Engineers Workshop mods. Suggestions are welcome!
Aarius Aerospace Division
Collection by: Aarius
~ Aarius Aerospace. Vessels with purpose. ~ Meticulously designed for use in survival multiplayer, every single ship is painstakingly tested, refined and polished before being made available to the public. No clutter. No extravagant super-destr...
Industrial Mining Platform Collection
Collection by: rhavner
Items pertaining to the Industrial Mining Platform.
Chronos Squadron Craft
Collection by: Meta_K
This is a collection of fully Survival-capable ships I have made. Enjoy!
Dissonance Systems (Exploration Edition)
Collection by: DreadfulDissonance
Dissonance Systems designs in blue color scheme for the Exploration feature.
IPF Ships
Collection by: FroggyGremlin
The IPF, (the Inter-Planetary Fleet), is a peace/war-time fleet sponsored by several different Inner belt and Outer belt planets. The IPF has been serving Earth and various Inner and Outer belt stations since 2076! We conduct many different operations, bo...
Universal Tool Loader (UniTool)
Collection by: Eric Saxony
One Ship with multi-purpose. You can simply change the tools with the connector. To detach tools, use the Landing Gear.
Mod List - UCF Pandora - Frigate Class Minelayer
Collection by: Lexstock
The Mod List for the UCF Pandora - Frigate Class Minelayer.
Mes mods
Collection by: NEIN NEIN NEIN !
Mods instalados
Collection by: /\LIEN [ESP]
Mods instalados en el servidor. ServerAlien.PingPerfect.Com
Mini Ships
Collection by: fabricator77
Mini ship collection.
Mars Mission
Collection by: Admiral Icarus Skeybar
A collection of Mars Mission themed builds.
w4s Extraction Group
Collection by: blu | w4stedspace
w4s Extraction Group are one of today's leaders in interstellar mining operations across the galaxy, operating hundereds of seperate mining bases and supplying as much as 40% of the ore and materials used in commercial production today! With recent ten...
Unit 666 Collection
Collection by: -666- Silver
The Unit 666 Collection for Space Engineers. A ongoing effort to build a wide range of ships for Space Engineers. Includes F-666 "Spartan" CSD S/M. HF-666 "Deamon" CSD S/M/L. FRF-666 "Diablo" FTL CSD S/M/L. To be added: Various Fighters, Sub C...
Sergzone Blueprints Collection
Collection by: Serg
Все мои чертежи в одной коллекции! Никаких модов! К режиму выживания готовы! All my blueprints in one collection! No mods! For survival mode ready!
Space Engineers Mods VISK
Collection by: LeeehVisk
Os mod zika dos mano
Small Ship Essentials
Collection by: Mir
List of mods I use for small ships in my scenarios. Many thanks to the creators of these mods, you're improving this gaming experience tremendously.
Reddit Request Collection
Collection by: [TK] CheckmateS
Collection by: ScoRpZz
Eine private Sammlung einiger toller Mods
Cargo Runner Mission
Collection by: fabricator77
Required World/Script for Cargo Runner Mission.
Norwegian space race collection
Collection by: MJ008
[CISF] Fleet
Collection by: [UESC]BoredArsonist
Collection of all my builds branded with the CISF tag.
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