Men of War: Assault Squad 2
Men of War: Assault Squad 2 - Workshop
The place to find custom maps, missions and mods for your favourite Men of War game! Want to contribute? Check the mainfolder of the game for all modding tools, such as map editor and plug-ins.
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WS 2
Collection by: pch012
wow! enjoy life!
Collection by: levi.b.faber
Assault Squad 2 MODS
Collection by: billysnap
Multiplayer Map Pack
Collection by: Belkon
A small package containing maps for muliplayer.
Jeff is a pooter
Collection by: Dallas
This is for playing MoWAS with JEFF
Collection by: Dallas
Collection by: DrBooBigMomma
Collection by: saundersc10
The hot snow
Collection by: sfif2
Mow 2
Collection by: shermanek1944pl
gore mod
Collection by: Schnullertier
Gore Mod
Collection by: Lake
Collection by: Troywearsprada
Hot Snow mod
Collection by: sfif2
Single-mission! December 1942. The large-scale battle of Stalingrad. More models of our modellers from previous versions of the game! Additional effects and sounds! Non-standard and more realistic settings and other divisors. There is cooperativ...
ILB - gameplay mods, maps, co-op missions
Collection by: Bonetopick
the best workshop stuff pretty much, updated when new file are worthy.
Collection by: Anti-Ed
Great set of mods that seem to work well together. Going to expand over time.
Collection by: Potoes [CPL] Stamm]
MODS As2 missions Valour mod
Collection by: Megatron
Unlimited_war_v3.037.0 мод для тех кто любит войну без ограничений. Все юниты без таймера и лимита.
men of war 2
Collection by: stupidguy877
men of war 2
stupid coop and other stuff
Collection by: ^Assault Suit dowmein
men of war mod
Collection by: vincenzolangella
MOWAS2 Stuff
Collection by: TDOG421cc
Fun Co-Op/SIngle Player Missions/Maps
Collection by: Dòugh Bòy [Needs Free Camos]
This is bunch of good Co-Op/ Single Player Missions and Maps Made By Amazing MoWAS2 Mission Makers!
Collection by: electraguard
My add ons
Brothers in Arms
Collection by: Azot
Welcome to our group called Brothers in Arms for Men of War Assault Squad 2. This mod is about paratroopers 101-division VVD USA. Fashion goes to the history of Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30
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